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  • No surprises here

  • Jurgen Klopp would be an ideal fit for man u but i think moyes will get a chance for next year

  • I am not man utd fan but yuo have to be blind and not see that moyes brings more harm to them than good. club is to big for moyes they have to let him go if they want to get back into the winning track

  • 2 weeks, ManU have lost touch of everything. Offensively, they don't find the easy way out, where they should've exploited Nani & Hernandez's service to liberalize the playmakers; defensively, Buttner is always unstable and lacking some senses. Plus, I've never seen such a poor Wayne Rooney. He's been a d*** all night long. Things have got even tougher for Moyes, while there are 3 more matches for him to either win everything back or lose everything.

  • Van Persie, please come back! xD

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  • No shots on target? And how much is Rooney being paid again?

  • Where on earth is Vidic!

  • Are you watching? Are you watching? Are you watching David Moyes?

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  • Bring on Januzaj

  • 1-1 Draw :D

  •,why do we need you? of the six matches that you have given, only one won!

  • Lukaku will destroy united!

  • Everton to win 2-1 or 2-0 since Manure usually play badly against top teams

  • Everton win

  • Everton will cruise this

  • united to win 3-1

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