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Comments (50)

  • @benchmark04 How dumb are YOU? Why don't you go and try to stop Suarez, Sturridge, Sterling, Coutinho coming at you in mindblowing pace and movements. Don't be a clown!

  • hmm how dumb is the epl? every second team concedes atleast 2 goals in the first 15min against Liverpool?!

  • I think the back 4 need to be overhauled - keep Skrtel & Flanagan and replace the rest. If we are to play in Champions League and be successful, we need a World Class defense. We have the World Class attack and the coach to do it.

  • @liverpool98 @soul_snatcher Wow. What a stupid comparison; can't you just enjoy watching them both?

  • Raheem Sterling has one hell of a future, 19 years old and a key player for the potential title winners, he's bound to be a world class player later in his career

  • Liverpool may have the best attack. But the worst defence.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Suarez 8.7 one of his worst performances in my opinion.

  • @soul_snatcher Jese is over-rated i think i could score if i played for Real Madrid.

  • Too easy for Liverpool. 3 wins to come!

  • We have Jese , we dont want sterling at all. Its good to see him playing with lpool , we gonna face off next CL.

  • It's Just a matter of weeks, for we to hear Real Madrid fans chanting about Real buying Sterling in the summer, or Marca linking Sterling to Real Madrid. On the other hand, well done mighty reds, and congrats to the equipe.

  • What a great fight by Norwich. They got little to be ashamed of, and they still got a chance to survive if they're able to keep this fighting spirit going.

  • Why aren't Liverpool players religious? Because they can't handle a cross.

  • what are they doing...we have conceded again oh gosh...lift ya games up boys

  • praying suarez scores another hat-trick to break and set his record

  • Liverpool is giving me a soccorgasm. Or two.....or three....!!! :)

  • Looks like Norwich are going to be on the receiving end of a thrashing.

  • What a pass from Sterling

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • i wish joao carlos texiera starts ahead of victor moses since i want to see a glimpse of next year squad. moreover, moses is lazy and all packed-up for chelsea, but joao will be energetic and fighting for first team squad. YNWA

  • Signals of a Liverpool F.C. win! #YNWA

  • Liverpool to win by 4+ goals, Norwich will crumble.

  • look Sunderland's against city and Chelsea... we can't underestimate this.

  • 1X

  • Norwich at home screaming for a win is a tricky fixture, Liverpool shouldn't take them lightly.

  • 1-2

  • 0-15

  • 1-5

  • so true, I would also play lucas over moses up front, I thought he might have some real potential after that first game a Swansea, but he has single-handedly proved me wrong every match since that

  • Yes, do not play Moses. He is a poor player. Lucas should play instead.

  • suarez, sterling and gerrard should make the difference and liverpool to win 1-3 or 0-2.

  • Suarez hat trick @ 1.01 :P

  • Last time we played Moses without Sturridge we got beat by Hull... Please BR don't play him, he's utterly useless. Coutinho out wide, Allen, Lucas, Gerrard in midfield

  • slip up*

  • liverpool due a lip up.

  • Liverpool vs Chelsea will be the most important game of the season

  • that's it, man city is out, could of been even more out if not for last minute drama, you never know in football

  • Liverpool 8-0, Suarez gets a double hattrick, Gerrard a pen, Aspas to get one off the bench.

  • Norwich 2 - 1 Liverpool.

  • No Henderson and possibly no sturridge against a norwhich side who needs the points desperately and have two away games to United and Chelsea after this game..hmm every winning streak comes to an end so i would be cautious with this one!!

  • weird strategies mate, but if that's what works...

  • @ChrisMorris1998 I don't know what to think last time i was confident of winning a game was when we lost to hull 3-1 ever since that i have been negative even if we are on a 10 win run.

  • I feel bad for any team that stands in the way of Liverpool and the PL title. They don't deserve this hammering but I guess it's a case of wrong place, wrong time. 0-4

  • *@liverpool98 oops sorry got your name wrong

  • @liverpool8 - don't be so negative, man! We have to believe that we can beat anyone, especially after the City game, stay confident, it's a bad time to worry.

  • National Suarez Hat Trick Day

  • sturridge is not confirmed out, he might be on the bench. maybe, don't take my word for it.

  • Should play - - - Mignolet - Flanagan Sakho Skrtel Johnson - Allen Lucas Gerrard - Coutinho Suarez Sterling

  • No Sturridge No hendo.So scared for this game i think we should play the diamond with allan in for Hendo and play aspas up front with suarez.I know aspas has been poo but we havent played him in the Striker role.

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