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  • What the hell is going on with the stats on this website lately?

  • BVB are gonna have to find their scoring boots. Cant keep throwing away chances like they did today and on sunday vs Braunschweig. 32 tries at goal and only a 1-0 to show for it. Eventually those kind of percentages will lead to disappointment.

  • Mkhitaryan flop of the math. Sahin and Schmelzer were great today! Reus is always good ;)

  • Werder 2(+2)asian

  • BVB were unconvincing at the back vs Braunschweig, they will concede but can Bremen handle deal with Dortmund coming forward for 90 minutes? Doubt it... BVB 3-2

  • it will be a goal fest for BVB...4-0

  • 2-0 Lewandowski and Mkhitaryan

  • Beide Teams erzielen ein Tor ! ;)

  • 4-1 to the yellow

  • @Numb3r, this will be the best team Dortmund have played yet, I think they will concede. Although they will still win, 3-1.

  • what a beautiful X

  • oh yeah itz gonna be X

  • more like Dortmund 2:0


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