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  • Don't know whether to laugh or cry at that comment about lahm. Yes he is a great full back but to say bayern are nothing without him is ridiculous. Ribery, schweinsteiger, alaba, Dante, mandzukic, neuer, muller, kroos are all world class. The list is endless

  • Raphael Schäfer was the bomb in this game, I'll give you that. But saying he had "the game of his life" isn't correct at all. Schäfer has been a pretty neat goalkeeper for the most of his career, only his little VfB Stuttgart adventure wasn't as great as it could've been.

  • Without Lahm Bayern is nothing. Best defender on the world. One of the best in history.

  • This goalie is having the game of his life.

  • alcantera in place of muller or kroos?????? bayern deserve to get beaten

  • i don`t think Bayern will play with a 4-3-3, but in 4-1-4-1

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