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  • Bayern Munich: Were poor at finishing. Try Gomez haha

  • pep is on barcas mission to destroy bayern lol

  • contento 7.6? lol whaaat

  • in the 79' Bayern leads 0-1 and Schweinsteiger was injured, then Pep subbed Ribery in and now there was just Lahm in the defensive midfield o_O", i dunno why Kirchhoff wasnt in the squad for the defensive midfield (Martinez and Thiago are injured) or he could sub in Boateng, while Dante goes up to defensive midfield looks like Pep dont want to see his own team just defending even with a lead

  • Last season Bayern's 4-2-3-1 was perfect, balanced and strong midfield and fantastic wing attack, but now 4-1-4-1 is weaker cuz theres no real anchorman, Pep uses Bastian 4 this, and he gets less suport.

  • What has Pep done...

  • 0:1 like my prediction. bayern sucks.

  • Possession 75% lol

  • B. Munich have scored at least one goal for 30 consecutive matches!.

  • Bunderliga Last 6 match ; SC Freiburg scored !..

  • 3-1 for Bayern !

  • Starting XI: Neuer, Rafinha, Dante, van Buyten, Contento, Schweinsteiger, Shaqiri, T. Kroos, M. Götze, T. Müller, Pizarro

  • 0:1

  • 1:0

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