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  • what are you talking about @neumi17. Dortmund would be right up there, but won't dominate like bayern are currently doing. the EPL is alot more physical, and they won't get the type of respect that they are given in bundesliga

  • @ may7even, bcal Dortmund would too. Not because they have the best players but because their style of play is so extrem that english teams can`t cope with it yet. No team in the epl plays anything like that...

  • @may7even What about Atletico? At the moment they are better than Real Madrid, and no it's not just now because they have been a very good side ever since Cholo Simeone came.

  • bayern would, but not dortmund. it's not that they aren't class, but the difference in quality of bayern and the rest of the league is ridiculous, and the money parity is just god awful

  • @neumi17 Bayern yes, Dortmund no.

  • the games leverkusen vs. ManU were the worst games in the whole saison from them..

  • @ may7even So...? Bayern and Dortmund would also dominate the epl by far...

  • look at bayern, then look at 2nd place leverkusen. leverkusen lost 5-0 to utd. just let that sink in. apart from dortmund and bayern, no team is up to par, just like la liga

  • epl is a biggest joke , nothing could detoriarate any further

  • Ribery vs. Ronaldo i am curious who will it be!

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