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  • As a Barça fan, great to see Ter Stegen played very well, 10 saves and was Mönchengladbach's best player. Can't wait for him to come to the club. :)

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  • 2-0 for Bayern, and GOTZE to score

  • Solid win.

  • Bayern haters are everywhere.

  • Gotze was amazing in yesterday training. He must score today. I think he will score before half time.

  • Gotze does things nobody else ever shows.Superb technique...

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  • i hope gladbach is gonna do this. i have the feeling they will. but i'm more excited about raffael and kruse, to see why they have such high ratings.

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  • Dear Gladbachers, it will be nice if you can inflict Bayern Munich's first loss this season. Thank you.

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  • bayern will win this match but and very unpredictable when the score comes , divide your money by 2 parts , put 40% on win before match cuz bayern may score in very early minutes , but wait for the 60% for live betting , gladbach's goalkeeper is the best out there , i assume bayern will win no matter how and when , but still think the odds will drift up after first 20mins with no goal , i go 10% of money on bayern hcap-1 or bayern(win and over2.5) , the rest of 50% can bring u alot more i hope bayern concedes the first goal then i'll go all in with sweet in-play odds

  • lewandowski will not play

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  • u r very crazy pep

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  • M.Gladbach win 30% Draw 50% Bayern win 20% Scores 1-0, 2-0, 2-1, 0-0, 1-1, 2-2, 0-1, 1-2 - Any of these, but no other!

  • bts

  • 0:1 it can be a close match

  • Bayren Draw or Lose.

  • 3-2

  • 0-2

  • 1:2

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