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  • CR7

  • Hanssl is incompetant to debate & takes pleasure in disliking the comments to show his butthurtness! Grow up closet cule & rethink on the comment ,will help you.. Talking of objectivity while professing ignorance..entrenched hypocrite

  • @moumorra Fellow madridista , neither do i but cules do & brag about it as we know. Firstly its a penalty , the issue maybe about time but it was matter of seconds(human error)) At end of day ,we got the points whatever the dissent If you dont see these guys are cules / closet cules i cant help it esp one noob wrote 'ref madrid' despite knowing that indelible tag belongs to barca owing to their controversial chronicles..i guess you dont face much clasico rivalry banter owing to conjecture in uncovering those imposterz...anywayz lookin forwArd 2 madrileno derby..ciao

  • By that logic even sevilla & atletico should be accused of cheating & this way no way cheating ,it was penalty(check rules) & cr7 scored cuz herrara fumbled & these cules are butthurt Cuz it rained their parade of draw

  • Thanks fr professing ignorance when you are clueless what to reply..you are a barca fan or a closet cule who plays imposter to uphelds his hollow arguement by not admitting so.. The slander & degrading comments shows your mindset of prejudiced opinions deprived of legitness , professing ignorance & diverting from main point...hope you move on & relieve the envy cum butthurtness devouring you..gws

  • Excelsior_rmcf I'm a Madrid fan too... but let's be honest, today we didn't deserve to win... I know Barcelona fans aren't the ones to talk about cheating, but contrary to them, I don't like winning like that...

  • hannsl I´m a RM fan, but I think you're right about that being cheat... and to be honest I don't like winning like that. I'm sorry, I thought you were a Barcelona fan mocking... But you're right... RM shouldn't have win tonight

  • Excelsior_rmcf your name says it all. You obviously have no idea what objectivity is.

  • Ref madrid

  • @hannsl Do yourself a favour & revisit rules of penalty , also check what happened in barca v sevilla & atletico rather than blindly causing slander on madrid on legit decision , both goals becoz of ref? Stop watching your television upside down & being a hypocrite based on conjecture

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