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Match Commentary

Comments (17)

  • Best comeback this season so far..

  • Benzema is so poor...


  • Carlo, are you really sure that you don't need Özil?

  • Hey Mother fucker website do you know the time is up to get started

  • luka "maestro" modrić!

  • Real Madrid are looking good after win at copenhagen , but levante despite conceding 7 goals in a match has stabilised their ship , they just drop back & defend and tries to counter , they are quite aggressive side now , last year we saw what happened to ronaldo's eye , i predict 2-0 for madrid

  • Its not start of the season , if barca had balls they should have blown celtic away , guess they needed ref invasion to scratch past them

  • 2-0 is not a "blow"... 7-0 is

  • 1-2

  • 0-3

  • Real Madrid are in great form , they might blow levante away .. 0-2

  • Real Madrid 2-0 Levante Ronaldo 23rd minute Bale 76th minute

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