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  • youtube.com/user/DanDoesGamesAndStuff

  • I hate Football this game sucks i much prefer soccer

  • neymar was fouled at least 2 times !

  • Mourinho's Chelsea won. Only 2 points behind Arsenal and we've had the much tougher start. Real Madrid are already 6 points behind. You plastics wanter Jose gone, He's gone. Its not even November and you season is already over! 6 POINTS. MIND THE GAP

  • Its funny how the shit, overrated, retarded manager has won 16 trophies in the last 11 years and the biggest and best club in the world has only 5. HAAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Mou in the last 11 years - 16 major trohpies. Real Madrid - only 5 trophies. :D :D

  • Mourinho is shit , overrated and lucky manager who is hyped by media , there are dozens better than him.

  • Great cameo from all our subs, Illara sorted out the midfield and probably won more balls than ramos did the entire time on the pitch, Benz added the needed intensity and Jese kept Adriano occupied. unlucky for benz that he hit the bar with his shot wish that would have gone in khedira and chances Laughing how many chances does that guy get every game by just being in the right place at the right time. if only he knew what to do next

  • somebody sell khedira , he is a fucking joke ! Also i wouldnt thnk twice before selling benzema for suarez or falcao... and about arbeloa? why the hell is he in the team? Lopez was bloody awful and at fault at sanchez goal , such naive and carlo should stop experimenting for good

  • The madrid gloryhunters are still making excuses.LOL. You are 6 points behind Barca and your season is over. No Mou No party :)

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