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  • Perfect game.......only problem is that we were playing vs Willy on steroids so didn't score more Ronaldo admitting his below par performance and apologising to the fans at the end when he scored Proud Illaramendi had a fabulous game, Di Maria and Morata also stood out. Both marcelo and Carvajal showed why they are so much better than Arbeloa and Coentrao by far... Jese and Morata deserve to play more than lazy french bum

  • only bad player or to be precise non-contributing player on pitch was sami khedira..him & arbeloa need to go.

  • Carvajal is such an beauty , no need of arbeloa anymore ! Sell him without second thoughts.

  • We almost won every battle on the field but couldnt avail it to the fullest given our lack of sharpness in final third , bad luck & indelible performance by la liga's arguably best keeper from last year.. Khedira is slowing us down a bit , hope he gets agile with his passing , carvajal brings spark to the gameplay with shatp crosses , give it all competant defending & threatning runs down the flank terrorizing opposition alongwid marcy The lad knows what it means to wear madrid shirt and why not?! Hez from castilla Ronaldo was apologetic but comeon dude you gave your best , willy's performance can devour any players confidence but you finally beat him with penalty but it was too harsh on willy's efforts tbh When angel is on form , few players can shunt him , workrate , crosses ,splitting passes are well executed with even eye for a goal ,a complete diff angel from one we saw last year who was bewildered.. Offside trap evading , final third sharpness and isco form is to be redeemed

  • @offsideheader He made absolutely tremendous, impossible saves, haven't seen better goalkeeping performance this season.

  • atleast 6-7 goals madrid would have scared if willy wasnt in beast mode..great play by madrid..just beautiful..

  • @signorEskola he made 13 saves , he is human afterall , it wont be prejudiced to say he saved malaga from downright humiliation

  • another min 90 pen for ronaldo

  • Willy had a terrific game, but he did make an error on the first goal.

  • hats off to willy cabellero

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