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Real Madrid

R Name P S SoT KP PA% AD T Rt Key Events
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R Name P KP Pass PA% C AC LB ALB TB ATB Rt Key Events

Comments (92)

  • I'm MOTM :)

  • Isco was wrongfully benched , now he is all fired up

  • Khedira actually isnt needed , sell him to get aguero or suarez

  • MadridistaMan to comment after khonda

  • They are just joking, Khonda.....

  • @AlBaruzz I hope you know we can all see that you comment after your "predictions" come true

  • Ronaldo to score

  • RelentlessPressure to comment

  • @chocojo ever heard of rotation and injuries clown?

  • But for the love of Darwin, please update Isco's profile image Whoscored! lol

  • great attacking game. Isco Jese Carvajal & Casemiro were standouts

  • sell khedira , we dont need him

  • I predict Skrong to comment

  • lol Bale wins every header. Real is the best team to watch.

  • Jese>Neymar

  • great victory

  • I predict Isco to be man of the match.

  • Isco > Serigi Roberto Casemiro > Jonathan Dos Santos Morata > Rodri Jese > Deulofeu

  • What is up with that retard, AlBaruzz, making predictions after the fact? lol

  • A league with zero competition.

  • what a pass by casemiro 2 morata

  • I predict 5-0

  • Morata to score

  • Isco is a beast .

  • Isco to score, and Jese to assist. Who wants to bet?

  • I predict 4-0

  • Isco such a beauty , Jese 2 assists already

  • Bale to score

  • Alonso should have been off not Illara

  • Casemiro in

  • Baleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Jese > Deulofeu


  • Ronaldo might be injured, Almeria are animals.

  • he could have scored 2 but Almeria keeper aint no fool

  • He cant stop scoring

  • What a solo run by Ronaldo, Estaban is top class.

  • ronaldooooooo

  • Ronaldo to score

  • 24th minute, Cristiano 7 shots, wow

  • again and again and again, ronaldo, you truely are the best...

  • Cristiaaano

  • Oh my word, the best in the world strikes again.

  • Real Madrid 5-2 Almeria

  • Real Madrid 3-1 Almeria

  • Casemiro will be much better than khedira ever was .

  • Casemiro must play!!!

  • Casemiro will come on as sub , no way he will start ahead of xabi or modric , i'm more concerned about isco's place

  • I dont care what ancellotti or fans say , Casemiro should play this game , the lad is unique talent to miss out on

  • Something tells me Bale will be aggressive enough to churn out best of this game and cristiano scoring more goals if his teams defense doesnt let him down

  • Since Khedira,Marcelo,Coentrao are all injured, Varane and Di Maria left out of squad for the match, it is probabaly gonna look something like Lopez Carvajal Pepe Ramos Arbeloa Modric(Casemiro) Alonso (Illara) Isco Bale Benzema Ronaldo As for a prediction, due to the international break and so many internationals missing training sessions coupled with most of the starters playing tough games all over the globe and particularly ronaldo/benzema/modric/pepe of possible starters against Almeria playing very intense games....its going to be a tough game. It will be very important for Real Madrid to have Alonso in midfield making those long balls to empty space for Ronaldo and Bale to run to and create scoring chances. I will go with a Real Madrid win and Bale having a good game.

  • 1-4

  • Imo this is a chance for madrid to close the gap if barca

  • Its not a easy game , almeria is riding high on 3 wins out of their last 3

  • Almeria 1-4 Real Madrid will be interesting to see how ancelloti shape up his team with sami's absence , either play 4-2-3-1 or 4-2-2-2 or 4-1-2-3

  • @Xsim Barca's a massively lucky side coupled with talent , if you see their games they are either saved by nervous wide shot despite opposition being fav to score , bad ref decision in their favour , somehow winning the ball without much effort or valdes helter skelter save , they manage to somehow hold to their lead despite being hammered on counter , as valdes n messi are both missing still they got enough talent to stay on top till they return but hey its football so odds might glimmer

  • @Xsim Granada game maybe a cakewalk for barca but their next games are against bilbao & villareal and without key players it can get messy enough

  • @offsideheader The question is can Real Madrid pull within Barcelona and A. Madrid in the next few games? Not to forget the next international break is in March, so there is a lot of time to progress... In addition with Messi and Valdes out, can Barcelona keep their unbeaten streak or will both Madrid teams battle it out at the top of La Liga?

  • Almeria will atleast score a goal if not win.

  • @Xsim very right , the team chemistry , tactics and ingraining yourself in team play isnt easy after Intn'l break , there is no entrenched tactics madrid has deployed till now and with Khedira injury its be off the road again with new tactics , formation and replacement , above it all almeria is a tough nut to crack at their home-base

  • Casillas Carvajal, Ramos, Varane,Coentrao Illara, Alonso Bale, Isco, Ronaldo Benzema

  • After the international break, score lines are never as predicted! Ramos, Pepe, Arbeloa, Modric, Ronaldo, Benzema, Varane, Xabi all played during the break, and now they will be away to a hard venue in Almeria who has won three in a row. My prediction a win for Madrid, but not 3-0, Madrid's defence will get breached and will concede an early goal. 2-1 with a Ronaldo double. or 3-1 with Benzema providing a goal in the mix, Bale to assist on most goals! Hala Madrid!

  • Very likely a Madrid win, but no this easy.

  • Casillas Carvajal, Ramos, Varane,Coentrao Modric, Alonso Bale, Isco, Ronaldo Benzema Almeria game is never easy , we need our best XI

  • Casillas/Lopez Carvajal-Pepe-Varane-Coentrao Modric-Alonso Bale-Isco-Cr7 Benzema

  • Almeria will be tough to beat. Casillas Carvajal, Ramos, Varane,Coentrao Modric, Alonso Bale, Isco, Ronaldo Benzema

  • Bale will give his all to madrid , as wales dint qualify Madrid is all that bale has got to shine his mettel

  • Casillas/Lopez Carvajal-Pepe-Varane-Coentrao Modric-Illara Bale-Isco-Cr7 Benzema

  • away trips in la liga always takes nerves of steel to win them.

  • Isco , Casemiro will get more playing time now.

  • Real Madrid has chance to bridge the gap between themselves and barcelona as valdes which i feel is their key player in defense

  • Bale hattrick would be great and he deserves one too

  • 2-6

  • killed off sweden single-handedly , now its almeria's turn

  • will be interesting to see what carlo comes up with regarding defensive issues

  • Ronaldo brace :3

  • Real Madrid should atleast score 5 goals here.

  • Almeria 1-5 Real Madrid

  • i miss real madrid playing.

  • Real's defense is a worry.

  • If I'm not mistaken, Ballon d'Or is supposed to be awarded for achievments in this calendar year. In the fifa website. they talk about last season they say Messi is la liga top scorer with 45 goals and Ronaldo is second with 34 but in the year calendar they have the same number of goals 20 goal for any one in the last season and now Ronaldo have 36 goals vs Messi's 28 . and in the UEFA CL they say Ronaldo is the top scorer with 12 goals and Robert Lewandowski is second with 10 but in 2013 year in the first half Lewa have 6 goals also vs Ronaldo's 6 but now Ronaldo have the upper hand with 14 goals. so i think they must do this thing. move the ballon d'or from jan to july why july the world cup the euro cup the south america cup all theys will end in july and the season in europe end in may so the world at that moment knows who is the best. in 2012 if the award was in july definitely Ronaldo was the one.

  • Real Madrid 4-1 Almeria

  • Almeria is having a good spurt of form but its different facing team of real madrid's quality ,the quality of attack ,lethalness and mistake and they will pay for it just like la real did . They hit a goal we hit them 3 back.. Vamos Real

  • Almeria is priming up at right time. real needs to be careful

  • Almeria is a team 2 beat

  • Almeria are in fuckin great form :L

  • Almeria as Real Madrid won 3 previous matches! Oh, God, it's going to be really complicated game for blancos :D

  • Almeria are tricky side and Real Madrid has always struggld in away games

  • Almeria better run for cover..

  • 0-2

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