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Real Madrid

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Comments (113)

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  • 9 shots and no goal????

  • @La Roma - sucks to be you basement inhabitant

  • Casillas is needed

  • Too much selfish play in final third by big guns , lack of vision & width , fluctuating temper , poor concentration & lack of communication cost us. Its easy to easy we lack a leader on field , ramos just isnt one.

  • dem waste people yah a talk bout sell di maria.. smh just a bad day for Real Madrid

  • A draw is not a lost but we have Valencia next thats a must win.

  • Terrible referee and performance

  • ๏̯͡๏

  • Di Maria should go.

  • @La_Roma - Nobody likes your club because the fanbase consist of rascist bunch like you ! Grow up pea brain.

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  • sell di maria , fucking idiot

  • So many stupid racists here.

  • ref is retarded guy

  • report roma guy

  • jese on

  • Ia_Roma_di_Dave = Reported

  • Sergio Ramos - The Master of Yellow Cards.

  • These comments are excellent, well done lads....... Seriously though do Real look like getting a result here?

  • lol I hate Barcelona

  • And fuck your shitty roma & uefalona you cunt

  • lol I didnt wrote this..someone hacked my account

  • fuck you bitch bcal , arsenal is biggest joke in europe coached by buffoon who keeps them trophyless for more than some 2nd league club

  • la roma is closet uefalona fan

  • Arsenal is a joke , fuck yourself trophyless muppets!! Comeback when you have your baby-balls grown up to win CL

  • Osasuna are acting diving & faking injuries , doing it all to stop madrid & their rhythm...They follow uefalona too much it seems..Dont worry we will hit you back

  • Offense is playing well , just defense had issues ! We just need luck in final-third

  • You need to shut up roma aroma !

  • Ref seems to be uefalona fan

  • I need Real to score in second half..and I Will win big money :D I dont underestand why Ancelotti plays 4-2-3-1..4-3-3 is better choice for his team

  • la_Roma_di_Dave is retarded kid seeking attention ,dont mind that nomad. He tries too hard to troll & fails miserably

  • @la_Roma_di fuck off clown !

  • @la_Roma_di_Dave fuck off lady of rome , go suck totti's nuts bitch

  • Iscooo...love you man

  • #AncielottiOut

  • retarded Madrid

  • madrid win

  • Descendents of barcelona - osasuna

  • very poor refereeing , clear penalty denied

  • Clean penalty denied , idiot ref

  • poor by lopez

  • Lopez just standing like a dummy , no reflexes at all. SLOPPY

  • Cmon Madrid get the 3points !! Hala Madrid

  • Real Madrid's starting XI: Diego López, Carvajal, Pepe, Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Xabi Alonso, Modric, Bale, Isco, Cristiano Ronaldo & Benzema

  • really tough game that can spiral out of control if we are not careful hoping for a win and clean sheet

  • I dont care about barca game , they or lose not our problem , we need to win every game in OUR hand if we desire to win the league including beating them , thats how the league is won.

  • win this game and put some pressure on barca, cos they play later

  • We have bale & jese , di maria isnt indispensible.

  • Di Maria goes missing in big matches, thats his problem

  • Di Maria sucks , wont mind if he is sold , cant forget how little kitten he transformed into because of a bellegrent camp nou crowd

  • Lopez Carvajal, Ramos, Pepe, Marcelo Alonso, Ilarra Di Maria, Isco, Ronaldo Benzema Carlo has a very good squad rotation policy so Di Maria starts this one.

  • need to score 3 goals atleast , away games in liga are never easy.

  • Osasuna 1-4 Real Madrid , lets get those 3 pts & move on.

  • Osasuna 1- 3 or 4 Real Madrid

  • Osasuna 1-3/4

  • @Turan - well said

  • @Elixir yes i also have noticed that Bale missed a few decent chances against Copenhagen, as well as many others in previous weeks. He is not as polished a player as Ronaldo, or at least not yet. Lets not forget its only his first season in Real Madrid shirt. He came as the most expensive player of all times. Everybody expects him to perform. He didnt have a pre-season, yet he managed to overcome all those obstacles and perform quite well in few games scoring goals and assisting. Overall i would say, give him abit more time. He is going to improve and if he doesnt get injured we will see more from him. I can remind you the case of Modric. The first year he didnt do much, then as you can see, now he is performing better. I expect the same for Bale. He will gradually improve and learn how to have a higher convertion rate, when to shoot and when to pass etc. The good part of having both Ronaldo and Bale is that, even if one doesnt perform, the other might just win you the game!

  • @turan - bale missed easiest of chances vs copenhagen , no excuse for that

  • Part 3 If we assume the weather and the pitch is in decent condition, unlike to what we saw in the game of Galatasaray vs Juventus, Real Madrid should dominate the game. There will be alot of shots taken by the away team and probably alot of scoring chances created aswell. Score prediction: Depending on if Real Madrid score early the score might vary, with more goals coming if Madrid take the lead early. Osasuna 0-1 vs Real Madrid 2-5

  • Part 2 it is expected that they will play defending deep and giving no spaces to Ronaldo and Bale to run to. They will concede posession to Real Madrid who will probably attempt alot of long balls from Alonso and through balls from Isco and Modric. Osasuna will play on the counter with 2-4 players trying to catch Real Madrid's on the break with Ramos/Pepe commanding the area near the middle of the pitch with Carvajal and Marcelo doing forward runs with overlaps trying to create spaces and cause problems. There should be a few crosses coming in from both wingers, especially Marcelo and also bale cutting inside and trying to find Ronaldo or Benzema for the header. -The pitch at Copenhagen was not the best possible and that affected the game abit. Taking into account the game is relatively early the weather should be alright unless there is rain. After all its Spain not Denmark. There havent really been any reports of extensive rain in that region either so the pitch should be well.

  • Part 1 -Khedira out for at least 4-5 more months. -Coentrao should be fit for after the new year if nothing unexpected happens. -Varane's knee isnt going that well and i am afraid it might be a while till we see him in action again, but i'd say he surely wont future again before at least early January. -Modric got a knock on tuesday but he trained with the rest of the squad and should be fit to play on saturday and if Ancelotti opts not to risk him, then illara will take his place next to Alonso in a double pivot role. Possible starting XI: Lopez Carvajal/Arbeloa Pepe Ramos Marcelo Modric/illara Alonso Isco/Modric Bale Benzema Ronaldo Bench: Casillas,Arbeloa/Carvajal,Nacho,illara/Modric,Di Maria,Jese/Casemiro,Morata/Casemiro Osasuna has always been a tough away fixture for Real Madrid. The last 5 games show that aswell counting 1 win (1-5), 2 draws (0-0 both) and 2 defeats (2-1 and 1-0). It is also the ground where Barcelona drew 0-0 after their impressive start.

  • Just because barca failed to win there doesnt mean every team will . Almeria won 1-0 at el sadar few weeks back. Given the form Madrid are in , they can smash osasuna to the bone

  • "With five wins in a row in all competitions" really? With that Del Rey draw against Xativa? Anyway, El Sadar is never an easy place to come but one thing Madrid can definitely do now they have clicked together is outscore the opponent. Clean sheets in the last few matches will boost the defence's confidence too.

  • @jason - yep

  • Real Madrid 3-0 Osasuna

  • Real Madrid is improved team now , very lethal at creating chances & converting them. They should get the 3 pts here

  • is modric fit guys???

  • great victory in copenhagen , lets carry the momentum

  • If we can win this , we have a chance at top spot

  • We need to win this by 2 -goal margin atleast

  • Osasuna is never easy but real madrid is in a great form so no issues

  • 0-3

  • 0-2 win will be enough , osasuna is always a tough place to win amidst their great form

  • It will be tough, remember Osasuna's defending against Barca. I expect a narrow win, say 0-1.

  • 0-5

  • After dismal performance vs xativa , we need to pick ourselves up to bridge the gap between us and other two table toppers

  • What will we do if bale or ronaldo gets injured? we needed angel man

  • Di Maria is sold to monaco , pepe maybe sold next to buy Inigo Martinez .

  • Oh my ! Di Maria is sold to Monaco for 35 Mils , Marca reports

  • comparar bale com neymar ? uma piada neymar em breve se tornara o melhor jogador do mundo ! bale e apenas um jogador medio do futebol, onde o real gastou milhoes em um jogador fraco.

  • We need to win away games in liga with a convincing performance and a commandable GD , these are thr games that really test your nerves & deliberately exposes to what extent the ingrained tactics are fail-proof & viable in testing situations. We did well against levante in previous instance but conceding two goals was a letdown. If we really aspire for la decima & liga , convincing away victories can fortify us among top 3 candidates . So far we are doing well , hope we continue the winning streak.

  • Because of Copa Del Rey.

  • too long before la liga returns :/

  • Neymar should be compared with gameiro , bacca & uche etc , not with ronaldo , messi & bale

  • Bale needs to score more

  • Casillas/Lopez Carvajal-pep-Ramos-Marcelo Xabi-Luka Bale-Isco-Cr7 Benzema

  • 0-4

  • 0-5

  • 3-0

  • Ronaldo to score a hat-trik

  • Osasuna plays good

  • 0-4

  • 0-4

  • 0-3

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