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Match Commentary

Comments (29)

  • I'm surprised Messi is not MoTM as usual.

  • always barcelona received the goals in first 30 minutes

  • So many people worry and complain about Messi's rating, must all be Ronaldo fans. Worry about your club instead of another player plastics ffs

  • @commandozap, i love how you say that yet i don't see you giving out any hate towards any other teams like Real Madrid or Bayern, what exactly have Barcelona done to you that's worse than Bayern stripping their rivals squad for players? and also "help from OTHERS" that's a hugely unproven claim you just made.

  • I think something must be done... passing the ball to a player beside 3 times in 5 seconds shouldn't give you more points... I thinks that's the only explanation of Messi's 7.5 score.

  • @Jamie_K - Yes I have noticed this quite some time ago. However looking at player stats he was definitely the most active offensive player in this game. 5 shots and all of them on target, 3 key passes and 3 dribbles.

  • WhoScored again, way over-rating Messi. Can someone please tell me what he did to get a 7.5 score, and to end up and the 2nd highest rated player in the match? Seriously, because i'm baffled.

  • Flops of the match: Alves, Busquets, Neymar, Adriano, Fabregas

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Anyways dont say barca had a bad day, Valladolid were much superior side , appreciate the relegation strugglers passion. Lets hope they stay in liga

  • @JoeB91 - They are football fans who just cant stand injustice barca is doing all these years using lot of help from OTHERS

  • If neymar wants to regain his form , south africa should play in la liga

  • judging by how many people hate Barcelona on here they must be either Real Madrid fans or Manchester United fans

  • Credit to Valladoilid , they defended superbly , well - organised tackles , anticapted moves quickly , closed down the spaces and their keeper can be a gem in future.

  • Messi 7,5 ?

  • thats la liga , surprises and surprises which will keep your jaw suspended

  • you got to be fucking kidding me...

  • yes!!!...they lost!

  • one word: Hahahahahahahahahaha !

  • i swear if Messi gets MOTM...

  • cmon valladolid you can do this

  • $100 million on Miss Neymar LLOOOLLLOLOL

  • that's it valladolid defend it !!!

  • What's wrong Barça?

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @commandozap You seem to have a lot of hate toward Barcelona. That seems really pathetic to me since it's only a game, and it's probably best team of our generation. I realize you've read some of this things in the media, and it's easy for you to believe since you probably hate them because they were dominating against whichever team you're supporting. You're saying "Too bad a classy guy like Iniesta play for you" - if you think Iniesta is such a classy guy, you should also learn a thing or two from him, and be classy yourself. Look at your comment. It's so childish and pathetic. Cheers mate, more love, less hate ;)

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Iniesta wont play this game

  • Visca el Barça

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