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Comments (29)

  • This @commandozap moron is what they call "seriously butthurt" I think. Such pitiful puerile comments... and evidently he has nothing better to do. So sad.

  • Already have 8.5 and still is growing

  • Messi scored a goal and the rating is only 7.7 ? Ohhh, come on whoscored, you can do better than this. Make it 10 already

  • @commandozap: by the way, you remind me of Droopy! whenever I open a game to check the preview or stats, your comments are there :) You may want to do a quick YouTube search for Droopy :)

  • @commandozap : you dare say?! your scribbles are all over the place!

  • @wsamara- lot of drivel in 2 pragraphs , you look like a specialist in it.

  • Consecutively living with a fact that all uefalona's victories , the crucial ones are attributed to referee favourism , diving and doing best to get opposition carded so that you can overturn an expected defeat..Only classless hollow people can boast about such victories and you are one of them , it burns you from the inside that your club is an role model of shame ,stigma corruption, embezzlement , favourism and notorious football. yes mes que en club for sure..

  • 4,5+

  • For the dumb comments you write , you're never gonna get upvoted bradley.. There isnt a single comment you made which is logical or constructive as your IQ cant really permit that effort lol..Your live is full of jealousy & butthurt clearly indicates the days you spend amidst your misfit zone . GWS bud , be a better person when you reach 50 atleast xD lol

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • and commandozap has 5 fake accounts he uses to downvote comments he disagrees with lmfao what a loser

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @blitz: well said! Ronaldo will leave the day he gets a better offer if he gets one, there is a big problem in Madrid that was shown in Mourinho's last season, the team is not well structured and built, too many changes, no coherence, & any problem or series of bad results and the players are no longer working as a unit. Too many egos and too many "I am too good to be human", buying the most expensive players in the world has not been working since 2002/03, it is definitely a profitable marketing tool, it definitely adds some glamour, but how many trophies has it got them so far, even if they win the CL, it'll mean that if you pay a few billion euros on the course of 10-12 years, you may have the chance at winning a CL! The likes of Barca, Bayern, Man Utd work differently, built a team from youngsters, buy players in key weak positions, and build a strong unit that won't lose it everytime the game gets tough. It is a long term investment that actually does bring trophies.

  • @comandozap : Typical Real Madrid fan always says : "You will" as in the future! As he's predicting something is going to happen! As in the future his predictions will come true. As in some time! It hasn't happened yet, and he was wrong 10x this season only! BUT! YOU'LL SEE! ANother characteristic of these individuals is their incapability to deal with defeat just like their players! They blame everything, and just see one dimension of the game! They think best players are scoring only goals! They also love only one player and that's Cristiano Ronaldo! When he plays bad, they only blame other players! They don't even see that Di Maria is 3x more talented! Well, all in all, pathetic group of individuals. I would be so happy if I met a RM fan that actually knows what's he talking about.. So, so happy...

  • Valencia repeat quite unlikely. Barcelona have a strange tendency to start scoring lots of goals after firstly they concede a stupid goal in the opening 15 or so minutes and that might be the scenario here as well. 4-1

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • 3-0 a comfortable win for Barca.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • I am pretty damn sure this game won't end 2:0 :) Have you ever predicted a game correctly?

  • Biggest bitch on this website = commandozap

  • @comma*** 别bb个没完没了,傻逼。

  • Barcelona to WIN---> 4-1

  • @commandozap Certainly you don't (want to) remember matches like Elche-Real?

  • Such a disgraceful cheap club who enjoy the victories marred by controversy , bias and clear robbery ! You will pay.

  • I smell another Messi hat-trick (3rd consecutive). After shaming those overrated Madridistas, we should be fine.

  • LET”S WIN 4-0 !!!

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • This comment has been deleted.

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