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  • Pedro is better than Neymar!

  • how amazing it is

  • Pedroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • As a los blancos fan, I must admit that Barcelona surprised me today, and that for the first time, I believed that they deserved the victory. Great game guys.

  • Pedro thanks for bailing us out, and merry xmas to you in advance, merry xmas also to all barca players, officials, coaches, and fans...á Janvier.

  • these*

  • Do you think you're funny or something? What's the purpose of this trolling? Aren't you feeling a little weird while you waste your time doing something so miserable? WTF with people this days...

  • Enough of fun now , i will take a break to enjoy the victory yours truly patricus aka pulverizer , love you whoscored

  • despite being short messi sucks it well hence antonella hasnt left him yet

  • My team is winning , doesnt matter how we win , even if people think we buy refs , they might be true but who is winning at the end of the day bitches?

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