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Match Commentary

Comments (50)

  • Ramos MoM!? didnt he pass the ball with his head to Bilbao player before goal for 1:1?

  • fucking referee...and actors from Bilbao...they are worse than uefalonas players

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • stupid referee. the correct decision would have been red cards for ronaldo (hitting) and iturraspe (headbutting) plus a yellow for gurpegui (pushing). also earlier in the game herrera should have received a yellow card on at least 3 occasions (but got none). and xabi alonso also should have received a second yellow.

  • i hate it when bewildered refs ruin the game , it was yellow but the doul ref gave red under the pressure of boisterous crowd.. Anyways happy to see us level the 6 pts difference we had before

  • Ronaldo incident was yellow card , nothing more ! Gurpegi was at fault for instigating attack , then ronaldo responded & suddenly that ape itturaspe pushed cr7 & ronaldo had to respond . Blind beffudled ref was naive to the optimum , he dint even yellow card herrera fr shirt pulling & suddenly gave major decision for cristiano.. Great game ruined by bias ref who certainly loathes ronaldo

  • This was one of the best games i've seen lately ..until that stupid stupid decision from the referee ... that gurpegi guy and iturraspe were very much not fair play when ronaldo got sent off ... things like this are disgusting and disgraceful... no way that should've been a red card ...awful referee

  • What an intense fixture this was. Both teams running up and down the pitch on almost every single attack. I think the score is quite fair since both teams were more or less even as the game turned out to be. Athletic playing like this can get the 4th spot for the Champions League.

  • @soul_snatcher thanks to your extra accounts, I am gone, and for ever. :( Bye bye, it was nice messing with you guys. But I will allways be on goal.com, in case you guys miss me.

  • Hands all over the guys face? That's a red card. The oher guy should've been sent off too, I agree.

  • @morninstar, on that logic the other guy should have gotten a red too. And the one that pushes Ronaldo after. Real probably gonna make an appeal (if that works in Spain too). That was yellow, tops.

  • Doesn't matter if he went down easily, Ronaldo shoudn't have had his hands in the guys face.

  • Typical Spanish league. Fucking divers, cheaters and paid actors.

  • if i get 5 likes, I will retire. I swaer to god.

  • that was a fucking dive. I hate football sometimes. Diving, Cheating........!

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  • toughest test so far

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  • A neat chance to overtake barca & get neck 2 neck with our local rivals ! Liga is red hot right now

  • Thank you, for concerning about my health. I really appreciate it. @Commandozap. Thanks God, the doctor told me I was HIV positive.

  • Real winning this, but not by a 2+ difference. Maybe 1-2 or 2-3.

  • Patrikovic get well soon !

  • Actually its opposite , no one cares what you write patrikovic , its just horseplay & monkey business you reach even being at depth at your potential We care what Turan writes so get back to rubentus , dont spread negative vibes here

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Hey Turan ! Nice to see you back... Defeating Valverde is most difficult task at hand , Carlo has to prove his credentials if he really has got what it takes

  • Big big big game made even bigger with yesterday's result. The only way we will win is if we play as a team aka pass the ball when somebody is in a better position to score. Hope Jese puts a good shift in so that Carlo trusts him and orders bale to take his time with the recovery

  • Glad you are back Turan , i'm always eager to read yours & excelsiors comments ! True fans really .. love the other whoscored madrid community as well

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Bale won't play.

  • 1-0 bilbao

  • Part 6 -Bilbao has great technical skill and can create alot of chances going forward. It showed in the thrashing of Osasuna last weekend. -They want the Champions League spot and are competing Sociedad and Villareal for it so every point is valubale but they shouldn't play as defensively against Real Madrid as other opponents. On the contrary, they will logically go for the win. -Real Madrid will have to convert their chances if they want to get a result here, they have been poor at finishing lately and only their defensive superiority giving them the positive results in January. -This will be a really tough match for both teams and should be a game worthy to watch, especially with both teams expected to play fluid attacking football. Score: -Really tough to predict since Real Madrid have conceded none and scored so few lately, which is very unlike them. Athletic Bilbao 0-3 vs Real Madrid 1-3

  • Part 5 -Benzema will try to find space to receive the ball and pass it to the other two players of the attacking trio. He needs to be really carefull at not losing the ball since every lost touch will equal to another Bilbao dangerous attack. Having scored a few times lately he has recovered alot of confidence. -Jese scored the opening and closing goals of a perfecet January for Real Madrid and if given a starting berth he will be drooling over the possibility of scoring yet again or providing an assist coming inside from the right with his pace. Prediction: -Bilbao having 2 draws and the rest wins are one of the toughest grounds to play in La Liga. They even beat Barcelona 1-0 and after the exit from Copa Del Rey in an unfair manner (there was foul leading to the 1st goal they conceded)they will be coming in waves against Real Madrid. -Both teams like to keep posession and it should be relatively even.

  • Part 4 -Alonso will stay close to the defence and link them with the midfield and the forwards. Since Bilbao is expected to try get posession of the ball and play with high intensity, his long balls to Ronaldo and Jese might be deadly if timed right. He will mostly play short and mainly tidy up all the mess at the back. -Modric will be expected to protect the ball and recover it as much as possible. He will make forward runs and try to get a pass in dangerous areas to the forwards. -Di Maria will have to be really carefull at the left side of the midfield trio since Ronaldo rarely backtracks to defend and Marcelo doesnt defend all that well. How he runs back and defends will matter alot while he should find more space going forward to try get a cross from the left or a through ball. Really important role his and alot of running needed. -Ronaldo has lost some of his leathelness lately and has missed quite a few chances in good positions. He will have to be more precise today.

  • Part 3 Roles of starting XI: -Lopez will have to be on his toes, try to clear crosses and try to keep a clean sheet. -Marcelo will need to be extra carefull as he has this nasty habbit of leaving his man unmarked and going forward. He should link up with Di Maria and Ronaldo and even try to make a run himself but his main duty is to keep the Bilbao player playing from his side and to do so he needs to be on his toes, especially since Bilbao will play with great intensity. -Carvajal/Arbeloa will have to watch out for the pacey Bilbao wingers and try to help on the attack aswell. For this Carvajal is probably more suited since he is quite fast and have improved defensively lately. Will try to get some low crosses inside the box if given the chance. -Pepe and Ramos will have to be really carefull with handling the Bilbao counter attacks. Bilbao have great technical ability and the through balls might hurt. They will have to predict and cut out any dangerous situations.

  • Part 2 -Marcelo is expected to start, he didnt feature in the midweek game vs Espanyol and should be rested. -Pepe and Ramos at the back with the partnership flourishing in 2014 having conceded no goals yet. Ramos was initially suspended for the game after picking up a yellow card but it seems it has been lifted after an appeal. -Alonso played in the midweek game against Espanyol on tuesday but is expected to start. -Modric wasn't even in the squad for the midweek game and after a good weeks rest he should be in the starting XI. -Di Maria will fight for a starting spot with Illara although the former is expected to start. They both played midweek. -Ronaldo should start as usual. -Benzema in the middle of the trident up front. -Jese should be last piece of the puzzle even though Ancelotti hinted that its going to be either Jese,Di Maria or Illara covering that role.

  • @commandozap i'm here and since you asked Part 1 Squad to face Athletic Bilbao: Squad to face Espanyol Goalkeepers:Lopez,Casillas,Jesus Defenders:Pepe,Ramos,Nacho,Marcelo,Arbeloa,Carvajal,Varane,Coentrao Midfielders:Alonso,Illara,Modric,Casemiro,Di Maria,Isco Forwards:Ronaldo,Benzema,Jese,Morata -Khedira is out for the rest of the season -Bale according to Ancelotti won't be risked especially since there is a Copa del Rey game against Atletico Madrid on 5/2(3 days). He has been plagued with niggles all season long due to not having a preseason with Tottenham. Possible starting XI: Lopez Carvajal/Arbeloa Pepe Ramos Marcelo Alonso Modric Di Maria/Illara Jese Benzema Ronaldo -Lopez will start under the posts while Casillas is expected the start in the Copa del Rey game against Atletico. -Carvajal resumed squad training on the last day of training and although he is expected to start, we might see Ancelotti protect him and use Arbeloa instead.

  • jbhjlcutzxghchjvm

  • i concur , dont wanna see angel bootlicking ahead of much talented jese & isco boy

  • This game will give an overview of our preparations till now , its not easy to win at san mames & certainly not against boisterous bilbao outfit. Goodluck Nacho ! Hoping isco starts for Angel & Jese makes the XI

  • Irony that Ramos just got abdicted his legend status at real madrid

  • where is turan? his inputs are missed.

  • Ramos can´t play this match. Got his 10th yellow cards in Liga vs Granada last week. Nacho will be the partner of Pepe.

  • bale should play this

  • toughest stadium & team in form , this is the real test.

  • toughest game

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