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  • Ramos MoM!? didnt he pass the ball with his head to Bilbao player before goal for 1:1?

  • fucking referee...and actors from Bilbao...they are worse than uefalonas players

  • stupid referee. the correct decision would have been red cards for ronaldo (hitting) and iturraspe (headbutting) plus a yellow for gurpegui (pushing). also earlier in the game herrera should have received a yellow card on at least 3 occasions (but got none). and xabi alonso also should have received a second yellow.

  • i hate it when bewildered refs ruin the game , it was yellow but the doul ref gave red under the pressure of boisterous crowd.. Anyways happy to see us level the 6 pts difference we had before

  • Ronaldo incident was yellow card , nothing more ! Gurpegi was at fault for instigating attack , then ronaldo responded & suddenly that ape itturaspe pushed cr7 & ronaldo had to respond . Blind beffudled ref was naive to the optimum , he dint even yellow card herrera fr shirt pulling & suddenly gave major decision for cristiano.. Great game ruined by bias ref who certainly loathes ronaldo

  • This was one of the best games i've seen lately ..until that stupid stupid decision from the referee ... that gurpegi guy and iturraspe were very much not fair play when ronaldo got sent off ... things like this are disgusting and disgraceful... no way that should've been a red card ...awful referee

  • What an intense fixture this was. Both teams running up and down the pitch on almost every single attack. I think the score is quite fair since both teams were more or less even as the game turned out to be. Athletic playing like this can get the 4th spot for the Champions League.

  • @soul_snatcher thanks to your extra accounts, I am gone, and for ever. :( Bye bye, it was nice messing with you guys. But I will allways be on goal.com, in case you guys miss me.

  • Hands all over the guys face? That's a red card. The oher guy should've been sent off too, I agree.

  • @morninstar, on that logic the other guy should have gotten a red too. And the one that pushes Ronaldo after. Real probably gonna make an appeal (if that works in Spain too). That was yellow, tops.

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