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Match Commentary

Comments (64)

  • Yeah Carlo needs to rotate more

  • Carlo needs to rotate. We were out of fuel midway

  • bale man of the match no doubt! di maria´s volly pass could be the best ass. in the world?

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • nonetheless 3 puntos , hala madrid

  • isco had a off day , we can understand

  • Some people should realise now how crucial is benz upfront

  • Xabi or Pepe man of the match..

  • our final 3rd passing has been poor today

  • pepe played well too , carvajal wasnt confident

  • CR7 was too selfish in 2nd half. Benz absence was felt

  • what a tough game ! Xabi MOTM by far

  • I would rather say Pepe or di Maria :p

  • Very inefficient shooting from CR7. Bale has been the best RM player today along with Modric.

  • I mean, defensive contribution comparable to what di Maria or Modric provide, to correct what went wrong in last post. As far as it goes for bashing own players, I think the critique went more towards Isco's performance. What's the point of saying it was good if it wasn't? And Cristiano needs to finish better... another decent chance wasted.

  • I think Isco needs to prove he is worth of his place more than others. With performances like these it surely won't happen. The last few times he came on as substitute actually showed him in good light. But this one... for first 15 minutes of 2nd half it seemed like the team would have been better off without him at all. But I have seen what Isco can do. He just needs to find his self-confidence and believe that he CAN. And when his attitude has improved, I'm sure he will make more use of the chances he will get. But let's be honest, who can he replace? His defensive contribution will never be comparable to Isco's or Modric's. False nine isn't his line. Bale? Cristiano? I'm not really sure Carlo even wants to play 4-2-3-1 any more even when Khedira will be back.

  • Thank you @soul_snatcher. Lol @ these so called "fans" bashing their own players...

  • Very sloppy 2nd half from RM...

  • Isco needs more playing time , you cant expect magic everytime he plays. HE is human

  • Isco is visible only when he is screwing something up

  • Di Maria outplayed whole Malaga team almost and Isco....

  • OH MY GOD. Isco please take a seat on the bench. What a joke.

  • We should be at least 3 up by now.

  • And now what a pass from di Maria.

  • Well, Isco does try to dribble too much, but he has created and scored lots of goals as well. Quite comparable option to Jese in my opinion. Jese seems to be in right place at right time while being pretty much under the radar for most of the match. Though Isco on his good day in a team like Real could score lots of goals, Jese will need some time to become that much of a threat but is much more of a teamplayer at same time. Both have good and bad sides. But this is all my opinion.

  • @Skrong could you refrain from using offensive language on the comments please? Thanks.

  • @Xsim He got a minor knock, just a sore muscle probably from a collision with CR7.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • What happened to Benz ..?

  • I assume Isco will be used as false nine now, seems most straight-forward setup after the substitution

  • Hope Benzema's injury isn't anything difficult.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Benzema also .. no chance to get the ball, could have stayed back. Don't know if his presence helped Ronaldo miss the chance but still.

  • Ronaldo could have fairly easily scored a hat-trick in what, 4 minutes? :P Second chance was maybe at quite a difficult angle but still.

  • Crazy stuff. It should really be 3-0 at the moment. Ronaldo should have 2 goals, and then a Bale PK (which CR7 would have taken).

  • How did Ronaldo miss that...


  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Can't see what's going on at the moment, stream died xD

  • Isco is so frustrating, my god. Just shoot the damn ball mate. Simplicity is a virtue at times, he tries to do way to much and gets caught out when the entire team is invested in an attack.

  • I agree... defender didn't touch ball.

  • I think that was a penalty for Bale...no? Thoughts?

  • Malaga need to win, but let's face it they won't. Isco will want to hit the ground running, but I hope he fits in well with this team instead of trying to have freestyle competition without passing. lol 2-0 Real Madrid at least.

  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL be ready for the clasico , dont moan now ! Carlo treats him with respect but he goes out of way at times. Pogba for Angel can totally be happening , Carlo indicated it too

  • We cant slip here but angel shld play casual game and not force himself into tackles. That way he wont be booked and can contribute in both the games significantly. But isco needs playing time so it would make sense if he gets the nod

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • As the gaffer said, this one should be played like a final! Real Madrid needs to make sure that they don't slip up their defense as our captain is suspended for this fixture. <1> Angel Di Maria will be rested for this match to be fit for the El Clasico! <2> Madridistas can expect a good performance from Cristiano Ronaldo as he scored 11 goals in 12 appearances against Malaga! <My Prediction> Malaga 0 - 3 Real Madrid #RealMadrid #HalaMadrid

  • Dude we have changed immesnely from the day schuster coached us , although we did win the league. And last time we met them , we werent as strong as we are now. And Di maria is most probably leaving , pogba is best midfielder in the world alongside isco and verratti, ofc among young cat.

  • 0_0

  • Hala Madrid! CR7 Hattrick!

  • I don't like Pogba just as I don't sympathize Di María, but hey, as long as they're our players I keep supporting them. About Máalga: Caballero will be insanely good again, but i can't see how could we NOT win this one. In the last fixture with them there was a Caballero show and we won by 2-0 but the 2nd onw was a joke penalty in the stoppage time. Schuster knows how to defend against as.

  • Di Maria is being obnoxious snob stating he will opt out to play in this game at his own will. Carlo replied i dont know what he said but this is a important game and i cant keep my players out regardless who is on yellow or not from suspension. I think he wil be sold for Pogba. Thoughts Turan & Excelsior?

  • When we won 1-0 at bernabeu vs malaga , cabellero was at his best saving like 6-7 sure goals. He will be motivated at la rosaleda. With isco in xi we shall create lot of chances . Jese as sub will be crucial too. Malaga are strong at set pieces, pepe & varane shall be at their best. Bale shld step up too.

  • Real Madrid have won 18 of their last 21 matches against Malaga in all competitions

  • Real Madrid can go 7 points clear. You're damn right this is a final.

  • Isco starting is a great news , optimistic now.

  • Real Madrid to WIN---> 1-2

  • Difficult trip for Real, but 1-2 they will win.

  • Isco will start for Angel , confirmed

  • Carlo said this is the final

  • Also we will have to face in-form cabellero. This is gonna be tough trip. I hope isco & varane step up

  • No di maria , no ramos.

  • Malaga strong at home

  • tough trip

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