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Match Commentary

Comments (35)

  • Ronaldo vs Malaga - 10 shots 1 goal Messi vs Osasuna - 5 shots 3 goals Efficiency.

  • He has been injured for 2 months and he is the 3rd most scorer in la liga ! You always keep proving that you are a legend , Lionel .

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @commandozap You and everyone who liked your comment are pathetic!

  • @bcal - Why blame madridistas for commenting on their matchday thread? They are passionate about their team. Just because you deny facts doesnt give you authority to write any gibberish to divert from it. Are you really that clueless barsenal fan?

  • 4 Ballon d'ors > 2. 3 Champions league > 1. Messi >>>>> Penaldo

  • @bcal - start watching games other than arsenal moron ! I'm speaking of this season birdbrain , yes he isnt in top 4. Cr7 , Ibra and Vidal are doing much better and other 4 i mentioned arent far behind.

  • Another hattrick for Messi. Cristina fanboys are running out of excuses now

  • Osasuna are cabbage away from home

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Messi's played 7 less games than Costa and has 7 more goals so he's not really doing better, he also has 5 less assists, not taking anything away from Costa though

  • @commandozap Are you mad? Vidal, Ibrahimovic and Modric all better than Messi? I knew this site was full of delusional Madridista's considering how many comments flood the Real games, but this just puts the nail in the coffin.

  • People who think Messi is better - all the top coaches and top players in the world. People who think The diving crybaby is better - 12 year old Cristina fanboys who have the average IQ of like 60

  • Oh yeah i forgot about Costa , he is a top player too , on par with suarez but slightly below messi

  • Imagine you were Messi and everyone shouts everywhere you go: Messi, Messi, Messi! I know I would throw up. So everyone who likes him too much really don't like him.

  • What about Diego Costa? He is doing better than Messi as well.

  • Cristiano Ibrahamovic Vidal Iniesta or Suarez or Luka Modric or Thiago Silva for 4th spot

  • @commandozap In a single match against Man. City that is...

  • @commandozap You mean the team that did not get an obvious penalty and whose on-side goal did not stand?

  • messi is great only in barcelona. In another team without chance, but Ronaldo can play everywhere.

  • Messi is easily top 4 what a stupid thing to say. Him and Ronaldo neck on neck, Suarez/Ibra very close behind

  • Messi is obviously better. 4 Ballon D'or > 2. 3 UCL > 1. Messi has been better than that overrated crybaby Cristina for the last 6 years

  • Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic

  • What a player iniesta is!

  • name 4 current players better than Messi?

  • Question: Who was Barca's Messiah before Messi? Hristo... ...Stoickov! (; No, seriously, leave Lionel alone, he is good player, but there are other good players on other positions... what about goal keepers?

  • @commandozap - No, it's because this site is full of Madrid fans.

  • @Fagfather - Even Uefalona fans dont agree with you ! Cristiano is the best , Messi is not even in top 4 now

  • Messssiiiii! Best player in the world

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Barca to lose

  • barcelona without pique & puyol

  • Barcelona to WIN---> 3-1

  • 4-0 or 5-0 , Osasuna cant score here...

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