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Match Commentary

Comments (39)

  • @barca Let me tell you how it will be, there's one for you, nineteen for me, cos I'm the taxman, yeah, I'm the taxman

  • @mistawess my thoughts eggsactly

  • Vela is way better than Giroud

  • Vela is way better than Giroud

  • Pique should have better rating and maybe Iniesta. Why Messi should be banned

  • @excalibur you talk like Gareth Bale worth the 100m they paid

  • whoscored can u provide us distance covered stats pls... the whole world is interested in messis distance covered every match hahahahahahahaha HALA MADRID!

  • cheat club, corrupted clubs should be punished

  • Don't buy griezmann they said, neymar is way better they said

  • song was one hell of a transfer

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • This is what happens when Barcelona play 4-3-3 instead of 4-3-3-3.

  • sooo many madrid fans on this site, fuck off faggots

  • Im not a barcelona fan but i think that tata martino doesnt deserve to coatch this team.

  • Neymar = 109 million euros. BIGGEST robbery in the history of football

  • So no ref , no party. Maybe all the money went to bribe judges , attorneys and delegates for 'neymars corruption saga'

  • Arraste has started well , given his tactical nous he shall succeed at la real

  • Superb performance by la real , class.

  • Sociedad did it last season too , too bad they lost montanier else they would have had great CL campaign Arraste is doing great too

  • Vela has become a cult figure now , i'm a big fan . The guy has nerve of steels tbh

  • 4-3-3-3 formation is letting Barca down xD

  • That being said, Barca are a joke defensively.

  • WOOOOOOOOW! Barca should be losing 4-1. Vela nice effort!

  • Messi has played more games in 2014 than Ronaldo... This season Ronaldo 34 Messi 25 goals. and Ronaldo has played only 4 more games... and yes he was injured too.

  • "Come on referee, where are you today? We really need you." "Referee was the flop of the match for Uefalona." These is what a true Barcelona fan, meaning they really know what their plastic team does, would be saying right now.

  • Barca gets ripped ....After 64 min. Messi and Neymar together only 2 ! Dribbles!

  • Victor Valdes is an absolute joke

  • this is outrageous. 3-1 for sociedad? it's time for the ref to step in and do something to help barcelona.

  • YESSSSSSSSSS! Way to go Sociedad!

  • that was SONG (OG) :(

  • just hoping for the 3 points, Visca Barca!

  • In 2014: Messi- 11 goals,8 assists. Cristina- 7 Goals, 3 Assists

  • Draw???? I don't think so!!! Barcelona will dominate and humiliate them!!! This one for your BIG MOUTH,vela...!

  • Sociedad are no City, they won't give up the three points so easily! :) Just joking, hope Barca can snatch even a narrow win, can't let los Blancos take the lead!

  • Barcelona 2nd? I don't think so

  • drw 1 all again

  • 11 again

  • We played very well against City, Sociedad are very very tough to beat at home, but hopefully we can get all 3 points.

  • 2014: Ronaldo- 7 goals,3 assists in 995 minutes Messi- 11 goals,8 assists in 982 minutes.

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