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  • messi is WS's darling

  • Why messi MoM

  • Barcelona need to take advantage of the suspension to their transfer ban and sign some actual CB's Mascherano isn't good enough and Bartra isn't confident or experienced enough to play at CB with a DM playing out of position, they also need more strength in their squad so they can't get bullied off the ball, i personally think Bony would be a good move, change formation and play Messi and Bony upfront or Messi just behind Bony

  • I do not belive! Messi 8.9 and man of the match.. again.

  • @jareczka Hard to believe ronaldo only got a 9.1 for his performance against Osasuna where he deserved a 10. If Ronaldo played like Messi today he would probably get a 7.5 or something. I think it's those useless dribbles that give Messi such high ratings

  • @jareczka flawed rating system

  • Lafita man of the match not Messi..

  • @Bo55 as I have said before, this site rating system is flawed. Players with higher popularity gets higher rating

  • @carterfwesh Or maybe, the reason for players being popular is because they are good?

  • @Bo55 either u are blind or dumb

  • @Bo55 just because he scored 2 goals doesn't mean he's man of the match, Barca deserved to win and Messi was a threat throughout the entire match with the most dribbles and key passes in the match, oh and scored a goal.

  • @bradley.panton His team had 25% of the ball and he got 2 goals from 2 shots. You can mention touches, dribbles and key passes all you want. When your team has 75% of the ball you will get far more chances to shine, especially as a false 9. Stupid kid. Lafita is nailed on man of the match.

  • Can we just sell Alves, guy is useless defensively, as usual out of position when we conceded the goal. Bartra has to play his position AND cover for Alves.

  • Martino needs to go ASAP

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • getafe is weakest team in liga right now after betis n almeria. They will concede 5 goals min.

  • @soul_snatcher hehe

  • @soul_snatcher say what? does that make barca as shit as Almeria and Betis? and shittier than Getafe? LOL

  • @Donatkap i knew this would happen , i was pulling uefalonas leg from the start

  • per sempre Tito!! 5-0!!!

  • Barcelona are in the same situation as Chelsea, they aren't statistically out of the title race yet but have to go for that 1% chance.

  • Barcelona to WIN---> 4-0

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