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  • llooolll

  • try harder mate, one they you will be famous like me.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • 8 games, 8 clean sheets, 18 Goals and back on the top! I love 2014 so far! :)

  • I predict 2-0 and both Benzema and Ronaldo to score. They were great in the training.

  • Isco must be starting he is like a puppeteer.

  • Ronaldo has some insane shot power, also Isco can play CM please Carlo must see this those Iniesta comparisons did not come for nothing.

  • ronaldooooooooo

  • who else? :)

  • Roberto is playing fine

  • what is carlo thinking? this is terrible formation. di maria has been poor since last 3 matches , he just had goals scored to his name but his job as a winger was abysmal.

  • to be precise 'mediapunta' is needed which is Isco

  • Without Isco we lack creative mettel in the middle final-third. Playing Di Maria as central winger is bad decision , he provides backtracking but leaves a blackhole in the middle , we need AM in middle & isco does good backtracking himself as well

  • That bicycle kick try from Cr7 was killa but central


  • 4-3-3 is not our formation... Isco should be starting


  • Real Madrid predicted lineup: --------------Diego Lopez ---Carvajal--Pepe---Ramos---Marcelo ------ -Modric--Alonso-Di Maria --------Bale-----------Ronaldo ---------------Benzema i will go with 4-0 , but i want isco to start

  • Patricovic - We all know you are the rascist one who has rascism filled in his RBC's , no need to play blame game ! We also know Patricius was your account alongwith all the fake accounts of people you made to abuse & post gay youtube shit ! I hope you dont miss the pills prescribed to you. Get well soon.

  • You're the one who is rascist , nigga & all are used by you all the time , We all know Patricius was your account. As fake accounts are banned you are totally exposed & carry on with retardness of prediction , bloody toddler

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Patrikovic is next barca president , all the black players will be deported by him at once due his rascist ingrained penchant

  • Neymar is worth 105 mil euros

  • I was going to predict, but Rossell took my stupidity with him.

  • 4-0

  • Oh yeah ! Cant miss that :')

  • Cristiano will present his Bd'Or first time to bernabeu crowd , dont miss the prematch

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