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Comments (14)

  • We've been given ANOTHER chance, wow. All to play for against Atletico now. La Liga truly is amazing.

  • Terrible Barcelona! Awful! Just awful! I wish Atletico would win the title, they are 10x times more deserving! Coming from a die hard Barca fan! This has nothing to do with tiki taka or Barcelona.. simply awful!

  • Plenty of chances, no goals... as usual. Alexis & Cesc have been amazing in the first half, Pedro - very bad performance so far.

  • if Barcelona win and Atletico some how lose, Barcelona will only need to draw the final game

  • @JoeB91 if Barca 1-1 Aletico, Aletico will win the title.

  • @JoeB91 No? Wouldn't they be even on points then? Barcelona would be in control but they would still have to win to be absolutely safe

  • @MWVVWM they play Atletico on the final day

  • Elche's recent home record is scary but I think the team knows how much this match means to the season, I think we'll squeeze out with a win somehow. 1-2 Barca

  • 2-2

  • Barcelona to WIN---> 1-2

  • My Prediction for Sunday match, the 11 of May 2014-Elche 0 FC Barcelona 3 La liga is for FC Barcelona again

  • 1-1

  • The game is going to hard but I pray Barcelona wins

  • Win it for Tito Guys :)

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