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  • Who is expert of Penalties at Barcelona?!

  • People writing about Barca Cheating are either mentally ill or are on medication for the same.....Enjoy the game.....No need to start whining every time Barca kicks butts....BTW Barca won the clasico 2 out of 2 this term.... And ofcourse..... Messi is better than Penaldo

  • Betis played wonderful! Their coach really did his job and he used Barca's fatigue in the best way. Barca was lucky to win this one! But I strongly believe that Betis doesn't deserve to be relegated, but it's football... Atletico-Barca is going to be a treat tho.

  • @Commandozap Have you even read what I wrote. I don't care dude, I wasn't even born when RM was dominating. I am just saying that saying all this stuff about Barca being cheaters is nothing more than a cry of a loser. 100%. Every team gets calls pro or con sometimes, and if you listen to everyone on the internet you would end up thinking every team is corrupted. It's because of the simple fact that people don't want to lose, even if it's some football team! And saying that Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, Puyol, Ronaldinho, Sergio, Pique, Valdez etc are "cheaters" or something like that is just disgusting. THose are TOP professional athletes and they play for their team. Football is supposed to be healthy to watch, you shouldn't watch it to cure your psychological flaws or whatever reason it is. Why can't we talk like buds, and not argue like bunch of retards! Barca's and RM's achievements are not ours, so we shouldn't get carried away in that. We should be happy for our own lives!

  • @Commandozap If Madrid are light years ahead of Barca, Why are they in 3rd place? LOL

  • Barca are very slight favourites in my opinion for their trip to Madrid, but they need to up their game if they want to go through.

  • I hv to admit this is a relatively poor display 4rm barca quite disappointed

  • Considering barcas opponents and home advantage, this is the least control I have seen them have in a match. It has literally been 50/50. Well done Betis.

  • Commando whatever u call urself the fact still remains that u guys despite ur money and most expensive squad u were still beaten by the la masia graduates home and away so deal with it. No wonder u guys are nw after la masia. Just go home and cry ok

  • Madrid are "lightyears" ahead of Barcelona, yet they are in 3rd place in La Liga. Real Madrid are a tinpot club who live from past successes. Barcelona are the best club in Spain.

  • Lol'd at people still talking about 'uefalona' cry me a river

  • 2:1

  • lol blitz its uefalona who is doing the catching work . Madrid is lightyears ahead , its only this decade was yours , before that you were just an ordinary club. Its you guys who cant handle success are blaming everything on madrid to cover up how amateur and cheesy club you're ! You can try till your hair turns white , you cant reach the class of Real Madrid ! Ask any club fan which is most loathsome club in the world? Uefalona will be every1's tip of the tongue. Diving , cheating , ref influencing , frauds , embezzlement , tax thieves , dishonesty , deceiving , young player trafficking sums up what a stigma you've been in world football. You cant get out 0f that mess , because its your standards.


  • One more thing. So Barca-Betis is a top match and Atletico-Villareal isn't... Another thing: According to predictions RM won every game 3:0 and has 150 points by now.

  • @commandozap RM article -> RM fans arguing about RM. Barcelona article -> RM (excuse me, CR7) fanboys talking about nonsense outside football. All of a sudden RM fans are legal experts, attorneys, judges, financial experts... You say: "So now you're even banned from making transfers for all the illegal gobshite you did." Actually I didn't do anything except for watching Barca and enjoying their football. That's something RM fans should try. Oh wait, your team is awful so you have to talk about economy and refs. Why? Well, you have to find a way to feel good. But that doesn't change the fact that you're pathetic.

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  • 4-0 for Barca !!!!! if the real could shoot 5 goals to Betis.. in away... the Barca need to shoot 4-5 goals at home to betis...

  • 3-1 Should be a comfortable win. Defense is in slight doubt for Barca, but Betis just plain suck this season :/

  • Betis will score, Pinto will be tested and Castro will take whatever slim chance he gets

  • @commandozap It is the style of FCB, to play around the oppositions box, passing until they give away fouls/penalty/shooting opportunity .

  • 5-0

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  • So now you're even banned from making transfers for all the illegal gobshite you did. Such a sad little corrupted and disgraceful club you are.

  • Penalties in favour of & against Barcelona, Atlético & Real Madrid this season Barcelona: 10-3 Atlético: 7-3 RMA: 6-6

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