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Barcelona Shots

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Match Commentary

Comments (38)

  • boring match

  • @Grisatak, 5+2 DOES equal 7

  • you should include the 2 blocked shots

  • Barcelona total Shots: 5+2= 7 (?)

  • Xavi and Alexis were very disappointing in this match.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • I think atletico played well and they deserve to be the best team in rating and not barca . Pique did a good game but turan deserve the better man

  • positives .... atm cement their credentials...barca show an improvement defending in away matches

  • that was extremely tense for both teams

  • that was disappointing

  • Boring match, great teams though.

  • http: //tbk1.blogspot. com . es/p/canal-1 .html or you can search in rojadirecta for a stream

  • give me stream pls

  • Is a defensive team playing against an all attacking team with Messi, Iniesta and Neymar in it, probably this to be one of the best matches for 2014.. i hope! i think Barcelona will assess the tempo of the game and start Messi in second half, where i think Messi can cause instant damage even if he played 20 minutes, Atletico will have less possession and will on back foot often, they cant afford mistakes as Barcelona make no mistakes in the 3rd quarter, im expecting this match to go in Barca's favour 1:2 but honestly i'd like a team like Atletico to beat the mighty Barca as we're bored of La Liga being a two horse race! COYG! :))

  • Will be interesting to see two teams of essentially opposite ideas in terms of possession play against each other. Atletico likes to pack the midfield and push the opposition towards the wings while Turan & Koke dropping very deep at times. That's where Barça faced a lot of trouble in the past few years, namely when they can't properly dictate the flow from the center of the field.

  • 3-2

  • I think there is a close relationship between the outcome of this match and 2013-2014 La Liga champions.

  • Imo Alderweirald should start ahead of Miranda , he was a impenetrable wall vs Valncia

  • @AndreyNosatii - Wake up & watch football .

  • @AndreyNosatii - 3-0? this isnt celta or rayo or almeria , these are most organised team in europe if you saw them play...i dont think you watch football on TV

  • Rango0o7 - 2nd leg was draw in super-copa @Calderon, so maybe they took a hint but i believe there is gonna be a winner for sure

  • "In-form Alexis Sanchez will partner the Brazilian and Neymar" Messi is not Brazilian...

  • Barca 3-1, although I'm gonna root for Aleti

  • Prediction is wrong! Someone gonna win this...

  • Wil be a great match either way, but maybe 1-0 barca or 1-1 and wouldn't rule out Messi to score...

  • 3-0 for Barcelona.

  • barselona to win!

  • No draw , Atletico win.

  • The Fondo Sur will have a massive banner to unfurl.

  • This game cant be a draw for sure

  • This is a treat even for the neutrals. I hope for pristine game of football with no dubious calls but remarkable skills cum tactics. Goodluck to both table toppers.

  • 2-2 or 1-2....ill bet on both to score

  • And predictio is wrong , 1 will win it for sure

  • Best thing is , its a face off between bielsa's students

  • Massive game for both clubs

  • Wrong prediction! Barca is gonna fire this time, AM will mainly park bus, but it will be very tough to prevent --Neymar---Messi--- Alexis-- trio effectively.

  • I can't wait for this match. Thoroughly enjoyed their clash in the Super Cup.

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