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Comments (65)

  • Impressive

  • left foot.

  • whitch foot Bale prefers?

  • I dont use Goal.com screen name, i have a Anonymous account.

  • you are. I am 100% sure, that you are Lucas Campos. and yes, I am Stront from goal.com

  • What who is Lucas.

  • nice prediction

  • @MadridstaMan, it is mean Lucas Campos. LOL

  • @Kosinski0 you mad sis? Tell me one reason why DiverSissy aka Neymar is better than Bale? Is that because of his unnatural hair, or because of his acting? Butthart Uefalona fan. Bale should be compared with Ronaldo, Messi, Ibra, Aguero. Not Neymar, etc... Neymar should be compared with Hazard, Mata, El-Shaarawy, Jay Rodriguez, Salvio, etc.. Bale is among the top 5 players in the World.

  • Neymar : 16 starts (2 bench) 4 goals/ 9 assists Bale : 9 starts (4 bench) 9 goals / 7 assists According to (Whoscored.com and ESPN.com)

  • Neymar cant excel in messi's shadow , he should have gone to some other team Bale on the other hand is step ahead of messi's next scalp

  • Bale is way better than Neymar , even without pre-season & less matches played

  • bale fits better with Madrid than neymar with barca. neymar doesn't assist. he scores goals, but they turned him into one of messi's puppets at Barcelona. don't see him scoring more than 20 this season, instead of his usual 35+.

  • Stront is that you?

  • NeymAr is a kid , Bale is the boss the kid cant even score in champions league

  • GOALRETH BALE! hattrick+assist... a ronaldo performance! HALA MADRID! bale: 13 games 9 goals 7 assists neymar: 19 games 5 goals 11 assists neymar who????

  • Wait, do you presume Bale is better than Neymar by what? Because he scored a hat-trick? So Carlos Vela is even better having scored 4 in one match? This is just idiotic.

  • bale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cannon Bale strikes again....

  • Better is a monster, 3 goals :) Now do you still think Neymar is better? He is worth all the money paid for his transfer

  • He has played 10 games less than Neymar and already is matching him on goals

  • Gareth Bale is TREMENDOUS!

  • Bale is just a better player than Neymar

  • This is going to get ugly. Bale having a stormer, making the most of his touches.

  • Anticipation is a skill, so it was not a lucky goal.

  • Watch real madrid vs valladolid live on HD tv.......... goo.gl/JUmhHU goo.gl/JUmhHU goo.gl/JUmhHU goo.gl/JUmhHU goo.gl/JUmhHU goo.gl/JUmhHU goo.gl/JUmhHU goo.gl/JUmhHU goo.gl/JUmhHU goo.gl/JUmhHU goo.gl/JUmhHU

  • --------------Lopez------------ Carvajal---Pepe---Ramos---Marcelo --------------Alonso------------ ----------Isco---Modric---------- -----Di Maria------------Bale---- --------------Benzema----------

  • Starting XI - Hoy salimos con Diego López, Pepe, Sergio Ramos, Benzema, Bale, Marcelo, Xabi Alonso, Carvajal, Modric, Di María e Isco #RMLive

  • Capello: "If there is one player who has to win the Ballon d'Or this year, it's Cristiano Ronaldo." [Marca]

  • Ancellotti declared he wont OKAY selling Ramos , so he stays. -Marca English

  • ramos shouldnt be sold.will be foolish of perez to sell him.he has been at the club for 8 years now.he's one of the best defenders in the world

  • Without Ebert , valladolid is toothless. 4-5 GD is must.

  • Real's young guns will come into play tonight , regardless whether starting or as subs , Bale & Isco are spearhead of our attack , i'm hopeful they will tear valladolid apart

  • @Eragon - if we sell ramos who do we have man? o.O

  • Bale is the boss for free-kicks now :D His fk vs galatasaray was well-deceived to perfection.

  • --------------Lopez Carvajal---Pepe---Ramos---Marcelo --------------Alonso ----------Modric---Isco -----Di Maria------------Bale --------------Benzema 4-1-2-2-1

  • I would say ------------Lopez------------ Carvajal, Pepe, Ramos, Marcelo ---------Modric, Alonso------- Di Maria......Isco......Bale ------------Benzema-----------

  • --------------Lopez Carvajal---Pepe---Ramos---Marcelo --------------Alonso ----------Modric---Isco -----Di Maria------------Bale --------------Benzema

  • Inigo Martinez of Real Sociedad might replace ramos, if sold.

  • Ronaldo shouldnt be risked even if he is 100% , because during upcoming knock-out stages he will be indispensible & absolutely essential to make a impact on rivals

  • Perez wont sell Ramos, he is our best CB!!

  • So bummed Ronaldo won't start, looks like Costa will be the top scorer until Ronaldo comes back!

  • I think will win.

  • Perez puts Ramos on sell for 60mils

  • Ancellotti said that Ronaldo wont feature , instead Di Maria will. Lopez Carvajal - Pepe - Ramos - Marcelo Xabi-Luka Bale-Isco-Di Maria Benzema Prediction 4-1 Valladolid

  • Khedira out for the season.Coentrao out until new year.Varane out for about 2 weeks.Ronaldo not being risked and since he is suspended for the cup match, he will feature against Kopenhagen in the last Champions League match of the group phase. Arbeloa is suspened for the game against Valladolid. The starting lineup will be something like : Lopez Carvajal Pepe Ramos Marcelo Modric Alonso Isco Bale Benzema Di Maria Bench: Casillas,Nacho,Llorente,Casemiro,Illara,Jese,Morata. Possible candidates to come in that order : Illara, Morata, Jese. Possible candidates to be taken out : Alonso, Bale, Isco. Madrid need to be careful not to get complacent because a draw or a loss might sink all the good work being done lately. Taking into account that Alonso/Modric/Benzema were rested and Isco/Bale are gaining form this should be an entertaining game with many scoring opportunities and goals. My prediction : Real Madrid 4-6 vs Valladolid 0-1

  • @divergent - he is a liability , i want him to be sold.

  • Real Madrid 5-0 Valladolid

  • If rumour is to be believed we might get Gundagon too in Jan

  • I dont miss khedira , we have good enough players who can step into his normal boots . Casemiro , illara , modric , xabi & Sahin

  • Lopez Arbeloa-Pepe-Ramos-Marcelo Xabi-Isco-Modric Bale-Jese Benzema

  • Real Madrid 7-0 Valladolid

  • Jese was unlucky due to Ramos fuck-up , i think he deserves a start or atleast a sub of 30 mins

  • Modric is back so i dont think Illara will feature tommorow

  • Lopez Carvajal-Pepe-Ramos-Marcelo Xabi-Modric Bale-Isco-Di Maria Morata

  • squad called up: Casillas, Diego Lopez and Jesus Sergio Ramos, Pepe, Carvajal, Marcelo Llorente and Nacho Bale, Xabi Alonso, Casemiro, Modric, Di Maria, Isco and Illarra Benzema, Jesse and Morata Carlo doesn't want to take risks with Ronaldo who is back in full training after he was forced to retire early vs Almeria due to a hamstring pull. Arbeloa is out due to yellow card accumulations and Cacktrao is still injured Carlo: midfield and attack will be composed Madrid: Xabi, Modric, Bale, Di Maria, Benzema and Isco. i think we will play a 4-2-3-1 tomorrow judging by that selection. it is good he is resting players because that will keep everyone happy and keep them all fresh whenever they are called upon

  • Real Madrid 6-2 Valladolid

  • Real Madrid 5-1 Valladolid

  • 7-1

  • RM 6-2 Valladoilid

  • RM 5:2 Valladolid fix

  • Real Madrid 4-0 Valladolid

  • Real 6-1 Valladolid

  • Real Madrid 4-0 Real Valladolid

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