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  • lichtsteiner was a beast today! what a fun to watch him, i wish he plays every game like this game.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • 52 points after 19 games, woof

  • Partikovic shut the fuck up you commented what you predicted after it happened in all today's matche so just fuck off

  • patrikovic! would you mind shutting the fuck up? thank you

  • Aren't you a genius.

  • Patrikovic how about you try & predict a result before the game for once

  • 0-1

  • Juve nu aing

  • 1-1

  • The match is x/2

  • Oh Conte whwre is Marchisio? You must play a lot with him. Give some rest of Vidal or Pogba.

  • Always tough against Cagliari, maybe this time less so without Nainggolan.

  • huge public bet i think..the streak has to end somewhere...but not here..juve tight win..full squad,no doubt

  • 1:2

  • Fino Alla Fine, Forza Juventus !!!

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