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Sassuolo Shots

A. Milan Shots

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Match Commentary

Comments (25)

  • Sorry for milan The defect in the defense. .

  • Feel bad for milan this season ;(

  • Ok, they might have lost, but how can a breaker like de jong be their best player?

  • Aaaaaaaaaand he's bought by a big club.

  • Somebody, stop this machine :)

  • So much money has been lost to the bookies now.What a pity!

  • just one player handled ac milan,this berardi guy played superbly today.

  • schnix I compared this match to PL one because of his ups and downs on the display and scoring. Very gripping, nice for the Serie A!

  • nice prediction Whoscored lol and i dont know what you mean dib, this season serie A outscored EPL

  • Wow, seems a Premier League match. Good job Berardi!!

  • oh milan, stoph! sstophhhhh alreadyyyy.

  • Berardi, welcome to Juventus.

  • you sad fuck you're still at it

  • Berardi what a player! I can not express enough how incredibly glad I am as a Juve fan knowing that this beast is one of us.

  • Berardi fenomeno

  • Milan always my combo-bet breakers. :s

  • 0-3


  • Milan come back?

  • 2:1 ~!

  • inter raped sassuolo 0-7..hope milan win it 1.8 looks good but you know milan

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