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  • @archwu8 - They have 4 Definsive midfielders, surely they can rotate between 4 midfielders...and when they have a player like Lampard, who is so vital in his role, they don't need to rotate him except for these types of matches (Non important matches) - Look how much Van Ginkel has been playing and tell me how that is rotation?...

  • Lampard and Essien is not young any more, they cannot cover the game so rotation is essencial. Do you think a club which have more than 60 matches per season doesn't need the quality of substitudes? NO PREJUDICE OK? @Bashirali

  • @Bashirali he'd play at least 15-20 matches in season

  • swindon will humiliate chelsea lol

  • Why did Chelsea buy Van Ginkel from Vitesse? They already had so many Defensive midfielders they did not need another one, they had Ramires, Mikel, Essien & Lampard... - I knew this talented kid (Van Ginkel) would not recieve playing time...WASTE OF TALENT!! :/

  • @Titou14 Come on its Chelsea!

  • Why is there only a preview for this game in the Capital League Cup ?

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