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  • the better team lost with 5 goals difference :D LoL

  • Terim beforw game 'have no doubts we will beat Real Madrid or any team at home' I wonder where this overconfident egoistic prat is hiding his face now , old proven applies if permitted 'Dont count your chickens before they are hatched' goodni8 Amigos!

  • Galatasaray got RAPED!!! Agree that they are a really dirty team. Felt sorry for that stupid manager called Terim!

  • Zizou + Carlo is so far indomitable if some defensive issues are rectified , annihilating gala completing in their home which is considered one of the toughest terrain in world football..amenity this madrid side has shown instigated by immaculate attacking football has produced soul calming vibes... A proud madridista Hala Madrid

  • Ronaldo is a monster! True showing from Real. Poor Gala, they didn't play as bad as 6-1 would imply.

  • Many of you didn't understand that in La Liga games Ancelotti combined various squads and tactical approaches and one against Bilbao worked perfect. It was easy to predict that similar tactic will be used today. Game against Villareal wasn't relevant: he used Illara and Bale in unusual 4-3-3 formation and so on... I predicted 2 goals for Real, and it was indeed enough because after second goal Galatasaray simply capitulated...

  • What a team! They've completely destroyed Gala, who by no means played badly - save for their impotence in attack. It'll be very interesting to see how this group plays out, since Juve are about to play it 1-1 at Copenhagen. RM will be deadly. If they weren't among the favorites before this, they will be now. Gala's goal comes about 60 minutes too late.

  • Hell?! Thats a heaven for real madrid..all cocky gala fans can take a chill pill now... Well done Real , great character shown under pressure cracking them open in 2nd half.. Bring it on Juve... Hala Madrid

  • Lopez is indeed amazing!

  • Diego Lopez is pure class, surely deserves his spot over Casillas.

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