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  • Vidal is an absolute beast. Hist statistics are out of this world. 12 tackles. Best midfielder in the world without a doubt.

  • lets see how the second game in turin pans out, it should be even better than this one. im a madrid fan and i wasn't a big fan of the refereeing errors either, sometimes refs ruin games, but thats football for you. these things are very common in big games. hopefully in the next match both teams will end with 11 players on the pitch. positives from the last few matches? madrid are getting better with every game. this squad is going to be great once the players get fit and get used to the new squad members, training, and tactics

  • 12th Real match and 4th penalty. Coinsidence? We all remember Elche, Malaga, yesterday red card and last CL ManCity red card but Hala Kids always say that Real is ref's vicitim. Hala Uefal Madrid ;]

  • Cr7 is the king , messi is still a kid pampered by uefa for a prejudice No ballon d'or is needed to justify Cr7's greatness

  • made its*

  • By the way, Marchisio's game was terrible. Pogba in my opinion was the best Juve player today. I can't understand Vidal with 8.0 and Pogba just 6.8. Pogba was a giant.

  • Juve posture today was really good. the tactic change made his job very well, even Marchisio, Llorente and Vidal playing a very bad game offensively. and that red card was a fucking disaster, was stupid, the referee was pathetic. Without that red card, we could come back to Turim with one and vital point.

  • Cr7 is a true superhero

  • i was afraid seeing at Carlo , looked like he would have heart attack looking at poor finishing upfront..

  • Uefalona fans seem butthurt lol

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