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Comments (41)

  • whoscored how hard is to put in a normal arsenal lineup for once? we play 4-2-3-1 every game, its not that hard.

  • MÖTM

  • When Flamini was signed everyone were upset and were doubtfull it's the player that will take s further. I know I was. Now, it's crystal clear it's exactly what we needed. Sure, Ozil is a worldclass signing and he do nothing than proving it week after week. But a talented potent attacking midfield is something we already had. Flaminy gives us something completly diffrent, a lot less apriciated, noitceable and bright thing. But for those who are really looking it's clear as Reina hair. He gives us stability and orginization in the dangerous area where loose balls and mistakes quickly become the goalkeeper's problomes. And most importantly, by doing so he frees up Ramsey and co' (and even Arteta) going up to shine as bright as the first place in the Priemer and first place in the house of death. Thanks Flamini! you won't hear it much 'cause, we will be really busy shouting our thorats out your more attacking teamates!

  • ozil

  • Mesmerizing football by Arsenal. #coyg

  • So who is MoM?

  • @EzioAuditoreDaFirenze Arsenal, Wenger, injury.

  • Ramsey is world class and Wenger is a world class manager, I can't you fickle Arsenal fans almost took them BOTH for granted.

  • Ramsey 7.5? wtf?

  • Aaron Ramsey is a beast. He's all over the pitch.

  • Itz Clear These Match The Team That Will Be won Is Gunners Arsenal 3-1 Napoli other Hand The Arsenal Funs Not Better To Look Injury Pleyers But You Must Look The Line Up And power Of Pleyers My prediction Is Arsenal 3-1 Napoli

  • look at that fucking injury list

  • 2-2.Are you kidding?

  • I think that Ramsey is going to keep his form going 2-1 Arsenal

  • arsenal has so many good players out there going to lose

  • Arsenal 2-2 Napoli, both teams are playing so well I can't pick a winner for this one. I expect a great match.

  • What about 1-1 Draw?

  • Who can stop my powerful napoli? Who can stop my tactician benitez? Who can stop my beast higuain? ��

  • 3-1

  • I think Arsenal wins and over 2.5 goals

  • 2-2

  • Napoli 1-0

  • 1-4

  • Napoli win 2 - 1

  • this is a 2-1 in the bag for Arsenal, Wenger is an old wolf in Europe and a new Napoli side made of second teamers will not upset an in-form Arsenal.

  • 3-2

  • Napoli may prove to be too good for arsenal given the for they are in .. 1-2 , 1-3

  • Lets see what higuain want to tell wenger 2-1 for naples armada

  • Arsène Wenger 2-0 Rafael Benítez

  • Napoli may edge it

  • 1-1

  • Ozil against Higuain. Wow. I believe it will be the game of the week. I hope Napoli can do an upset an win this game. I want to see a nice game

  • this game will be exciting, i see Ozil and Ramsey running the show in this one, Ramsey's new confidence level and his goalscoring streak and Ozil's European experience i think will be able to nick Napoli of 3 points. my prediction is Arsenal to win by 2:1, Wenger is far too clever to lose to a new team Benitez has built over the summer, however i dont see Napoli winning in Emirates anyhow.

  • 2:1

  • 1-1 I think

  • 2-0.I think so.

  • This is the big exam, Arsenal, lets see what you are made of.

  • 3:0

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