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B. Dortmund Shots

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  • @bystrik35 Can I have eggs and toast with that Azerbaycan?

  • Arsenal will win at dortmund home....arteta played good football last nite,ramsy was missing.....we will bounce bak,beta and strong.

  • @adelgunner Ha, in dortmund? Okay.

  • Next game arsenal wins.I'm sure.

  • Fuck you all from Azerbaycan

  • Spot on Rafael

  • @Old_Bracelet Because people were waiting for 2 months for us to lose a game. And now all the trolls are here.

  • Well, sorry for my little trolling (about Real Madrid for example) i was just joking a little bit :p But still, i don't get why there is so much hate around arsenal

  • It was dortmund's game so you mean only arsenal fans should be there? stop being butthurt !

  • Old Bracelet stop being butthurt.

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