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Tottenham Shots

A. Makhachkala Shots

  • Goal
  • Own Goal
  • Penalty Missed
  • Penalty Goal
  • Penalty Saved
  • Hit woodwork
  • Man of the Match
  • Error lead to goal
  • Assist
  • Last Man Tackle
  • Clearance off line

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  • @iMike, the beast has waken up. lol

  • About? You act like Liverpool are world beaters...calm down, mate. Get a grip.

  • @Skrong - It's because you're ridiculously deluded

  • Apparently I do, because it seems to me like you Liverpool lovers have something viscerally against me.

  • Do you need a genius to explain you why?

  • How's that?

  • @Skrong, no. You are a cunt from being ridiculous.

  • Still here. Yeah, I'm a cunt for supporting a club I love. lol okay mate.

  • @IMike - must be, because he never responds back after he gets stroked. Gloomily, we will see him on Saturday in the Liverpool VS Tottenham commenting section.

  • @Patricius - I think he tends to choke as soon he realizes everyone thinks he's a cunt

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