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R Name P S SoT KP PA% AD T Rt Key Events
R Name P Tackle Intc C EC SB OW F Rt Key Events
R Name P S SoT KP Drb WF Dis TO Off Rt Key Events
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Comments (60)

  • jonathan mensah definitely the man of the match for me. it's a shame defenders have to score or assist goals to get a proper rating on this website.

  • Germany needs the experience and leadership of Schweinsteiger and Klose around the youngsters. I would very much like to see a 4-3-3 with Götze-Klose-Müller as a powerful line of forwards, with Podolski and Schürrle as subs if need be, and Kroos-Özil-Schweinsteiger in the middle. And am I the only one to wish that Lahm gets back as a right defender, his strongest position?

  • OMG OMG OMG! What happend to Müller!?? Is he allright!? jeeezz

  • @wacher Haven't you heard the news? He's in comma.

  • @Ivannnnn Oh... My... G!!!! if yur messin wit me --> Stop :'(

  • @wacher Don't worry, Müller was back on his feet a minute or two after it happened. It'll hurt until tomorrow morning and he'll probably have to take an Aspirin or two but it's really nothing to be concerned about.

  • gotze and khedira were so poor

  • @goonergunner khedira yes, gotze no

  • @rhysdesmond47 Götze was terrible ! Slow, allways the same pace and very poor while trying to dribble. Except for the goal ZERO impact on the game. The german press gave him together with Lahm and Khedira the worst rating...

  • chile spain, italy costa rica, argentina iran, germany ghana, all similar matches, coincidences? i don't believe. i won't be shocked if chile will beat netherlands

  • @KingSchultz Argentina Iran was nothing compared to this game. What are you on about?

  • @TheFactsProvider same argentina has players that live in europe for many years

  • @TheFactsProvider thanks to the abnormal climate to play a football game. europeans are not used to

  • @KingSchultz That climate talk is total BS. People in Brazil would probably think the climate in Russia is "abnormal". These guys get played millions ever year no matter how good or bad they play. The least they can do is adapt to the temperature.

  • @TheFactsProvider this was a beautiful match. i mean a small team that outplayed a big team

  • @KingSchultz Chile is not a small team, neither is Ghana.

  • @TheFactsProvider yes, and i fuck scarlet johansson when i waant

  • Götze 7,7 ...why?

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  • Yes, that was a Football game. How different can this game can be without Iran style. Great game both teams, more this .

  • @Jyrgen Agreed. Two teams actually looking to win and score goals, unlike Iran.

  • Great game.

  • All over the sudden Germany decides to play football ...

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  • MIROSLAV KLOSE LEYENDA. Congratulations, here's to your 16th one. Make it happen, Super-Miro.

  • About time Klose came on. Scored right away. Go on and break that record!

  • klose on the pitch aww yeah

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  • ghana had ball to close the match.

  • Let”s do it Ghana !!! Risk everything !

  • Blame the German coach. Terrible tactics.

  • great pass muntari.


  • 2 GIANTS are heading in!

  • Germany with the least amount of dribbles of all ! teams at world cup. Nobody tries to beat their opponent to create space.

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  • Good game so far. Both teams going forward looking to score, unlike Iran earlier.

  • ghana lead the game.

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  • @Matelli Schweinsteiger is not 100% fit.

  • Ghana the more active team. Germany Titel passive

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  • Khedira is the only player on the german team who can't football at all. Terrible first touch ..!

  • Hoping 4 a good game. I had no matter which team win, but game is hopefully 10000000000 times better that Argentiina-Iran. However, it is not even possible to play even duller than what Iran was playing.

  • @Jyrgen Agreed.

  • @Jyrgen. Argentina was duller...

  • @Jyrgen duller as Iran? they well deserved 1 point vs a avery louzy argentina.

  • @jrw You deserve a point when you score as many legit goals as your opponent (please don't tell me there was a penalty).

  • Hoping for a tie here. It's possible. Ghana is too good to get eliminated, but that's football for you!! Go Asamoah! Go Ayew Brothers! Go the-better-Boateng!

  • I agree with the 3-0

  • 2-2

  • Essien and Muntari are not what they used to be. Should be an easy win by germany

  • I mean easily ;)

  • Germans win simply,perhaps 3-0

  • Ghana will shock them

  • ¤Germany will easily get this one, klose hattrick, and be world cup top scorer, all the time. good luck mr. cruise, i mean klose.

  • Hope they tie, so Ghana will do their best to beat Portugal

  • 3-1

  • iran & German <3333 German win 2 - 0

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