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R Name P S SoT KP PA% AD T Rt Key Events
R Name P Tackle Intc C EC SB OW F Rt Key Events
R Name P S SoT KP Drb WF Dis TO Off Rt Key Events
R Name P KP Pass PA% C AC LB ALB TB ATB Rt Key Events

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  • Brazil in the confed cup, Bayern dismantled barca, real Madrid dismantled Bayern.this is the end of tica taca, the teams have worked it out

  • Xavi is too old to press high, better use Fabregas, and put Pedro on right wing to chase the opposite wingback, otherwise it will be the same as last night: Blind made two easy assists because he was simply unmarked.

  • the end of the casillas era

  • Costa 6.2?? He looks terrible.

  • @fajar23 should have put his energy on the game rather than provoking Indi. He's done that twice at least...

  • @fajar23 Maybe because he "created" succesfully the penalty

  • Van Persie only a 9.3?! I'm an Arsenal fan and don't exactly love the bloke now (for obvious reasons) but he was excellent. If that was Messi, he would've been awarded an 11 by WhoScored. :-p Spain need an overhaul from the top down imo. Del Bosque is stuck in his ways and still thinks this is the 2010 world cup. De Gea, Juanfran, Albiol, Cazorla and Pedro in for Casillas, Azpilicueta, Pique, Busquets and Silva for me. What does Busquets do that Alonso couldn't in that role, except dive and foul? Oh hang on, I forgot that works well at this world cup. Keep him in. ;-)

  • @SteveHyland no, because messi does other things offensively, not just score. So messi would have scored two and made plenty of dribbles and key passes.

  • @Hakeemhemming *useless dribbles and passes

  • Spain will not be qualified for the Round 16

  • @flyindream if they have draw with chile..

  • why torres?? just why??? They have Villa on their bench and they send in Torres who couldnt score in a 110% situation and didnt have a useful moment. congrats del bosque

  • The way that van Persie started to celebrate his first goal even before it got in - priceless :D

  • Sick game. Especially by Van Persie and Robben. Daley Blind has become one of my favorite players.

  • persie fired up all team, like any good captain would do. and robben... what a fantastic game from holland. well deserved lads!

  • Casillas and Ramos were appalling, so called top players letting their side down, don't get me wrong they were all pretty poor but those 2 were especially bad

  • @JoeB91- Casillas hasn't been a top keeper for a good couple of years tbh. He shouldn't be in the squad, let alone team. I also think Pique was worse than Ramos today. Ramos was shit but at least he got somewhere near the ball on occasion.

  • @madi . I dont understand what u wrote. This what happened when watching this match. Confusing

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  • @alexreg 5-1

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  • say hello to darkness,tiki taka. bye bye!

  • вот это мощь! Голландия по полной программе отомстила за финал! не зря я болел за Голландию! жаль Иньесту!

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  • What are the odds De Gea starts next game?

  • @Skagawa Whatever those odds were they're probably slashed in half now.

  • Even bogus penalty won't do you no good if "van Robben" wants you on your knees.

  • costa £32m. Jose r u watching

  • @sun- They just shafted P.S.G and got £50m for David Luiz so Jose was probably too busy laughing his proverbial off to watch the game.

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  • Them fatty odds for bettin when Holland trailed 1-0

  • well done van Gaal.

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  • Robben, what a goal !

  • I'm surprised the cops haven't come on the pitch and stopped this rape.

  • @khonda- This is Brazil, the cops usually take part in the rape...

  • The revenge of ITALIA YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 5555555555555555555555

  • @Juveforever Italy has nothing to do with that and is not of any interest...

  • LOL!!!

  • Sad to seem him come off. A great game for him nonetheless.

  • That is why Casillas isnt no 1 GK at Real Madrid.

  • @Deltoro Actually Casillas is great at RMA. He conceded only 1 goal in the CDR. And he was actually awesome in the CL except the Final. This was a tactic fault, not a player's.

  • @Sinaj What are you smoking? Casillas great?.. Diego Lopez is godzillion times better. And it's a shame he didn't even make the team.. :/

  • @Deltoro what?

  • @Zachb Diego Lopez is first team Keeper at Real Madrid for a reason

  • spain what ur doing and no worlds to explain about casilas,he is playing in different world.barca defence is better than spain and by the way i dont care about thumbs down

  • The Flying Dutchman - RvP , is on fire !!

  • Could see RVP getting a hat-trick.

  • 3 games, 7 mistakes by the ref...!

  • Spain are getting spanked!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm glad Holland are ahead. They are playing so well. Their defence style had really screwed Spain over.

  • @Abdul1997Alim It's not just the defensive tactics. Its the overly possessive tiki-taka style in general. Good managers like van Gaal and Scolari have it cracked.

  • @Abdul1997Alim Van Gaal: football genius.

  • @khonda It's upsetting that he's going to United.

  • Yes ! well deserved...Spain won`t make it past the group stages...

  • penalty really

  • Spain playing a 4-2-3-1. This ought to be interesting. Bet that changes back to a 4-3-3 before this match is finished.

  • sneider please dont copy robben

  • Spain 2-0, really don't think the dutch can cope with Spains passing and mentality

  • Let's hope Spain don't turn up with 4-3-3-3

  • @Focus guess the football gods didn't hear us.

  • spain x1 Casillas cesar pique ramos alba xabi busquests iniesta silva xavi costa i prefer koke over alonso but its good they r protecting their back

  • Gonna be tight. Expect a lot of hostility and fouls left over from the last world cup. Netherlands upset win 1-0. Might have a fight, considering people like Ramos, Costa, De Jong.

  • 2-1 Spain

  • 0 - 0

  • spain 2-1

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  • 1-1

  • 2:1

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  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Spain to meet Croatia in next round.

  • 1-0

  • Going to be tight and could go either way. If Spain can penetrate they should win, but easier said than done against an organised back 5. If they can't break through, the Dutch could snatch it. It could be a very un-Spain-like goal that wins it; expect the Spain fullbacks, Pedro and Costa to be key.

  • @ronaldinyo Pedro and Costa are fullbacks? they must have changed positions.

  • @Celtic1888 Haha, funny point. My punctuation is correct, though. For your interpretation to stand, the above sentence would have had to have read: "... expect the Spain fullbacks, Pedro and Costa, to be key." Note the extra comma? :P

  • Can't see any team winning this one.

  • Sweet Jesus, del Bosque vs. van Gaal. This will be outright gorgeous to watch.

  • intensive game, spain to win by 1-0, and Netherlands will get a red card

  • @mcruz11 Unlucky...

  • Jordi Alba and Iniesta will be important in this match for Spain!

  • This is my team , Spain

  • Xavi should be dropped, Veltman should be considered.

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  • That Spain line-up lacks pace in attack. No point starting both Xabi and Busquets. Pedro should start.

  • @excalibur Starting both Xabi and Busquets served them well enough in the last couple of major tournaments... Agreed though that Pedro should start, probably ahead of Silva or possibly even Costa. Xabi and Busquets is probably a fair decision in what should prove a tough match. Either way, Pedro is a good option to have on the bench if he doesn't start.

  • Netherlands will score early on.... And then Spain will dominate possession, but will not be able to finish for a equaliser

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  • I dont think that Diego Costa will start 1:0 for Spain after a goal in the second half. Perhaps Iniesta again, or David Silva.

  • I can see a 1-1 draw or 2-1 for Spain hmmm

  • 1-1

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Netherlands wins the match 3 - 1 .

  • @miladkahn ur right all of us r wrong

  • @miladkahn sigh~u crazy^^^^^^

  • @swood u read my mind(comment towards miladkahn)

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