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Match Commentary

Comments (47)

  • James had an awful game up until the goal. A bit misleading MOTM.

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  • @uzuriaga Stupid comment, he was brilliant

  • James Rodrigues Budweiser MOTM

  • Australia and Greece the weakest teams so far.

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  • But Columbia is now equally weak, loose every ball..

  • daijyoubu Greece!

  • Everything that Greece does is in slow motion. They are the slowest team so far with no pace in their game..

  • Greece, what a boring, lame team...

  • @neumi17 The only thing boring and lame is you. This has been a wide open game.

  • @Focus a wide open game on a very low level...

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  • With falcao and muriel fitted Colombia could have been the ultimate underdog. I would have bet on them to win the cup!

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  • greece are not 4-5-1. they are playing expansive possession football

  • @Focus I don`t think they play any sort of "style"... They are just a bunch of amateurs who try to kick the ball around somehow.

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  • @painn otto rehaggel and a lot of luck, nowadays Greece are any good than the past. They play bad, they don't move off the ball, they are slow and without any ideas nor organized.

  • i can't believe greece is playing attacking football *-* this is miracle :p

  • and Adrian Ramos,Jackson Martinez,Bacca are on the bench...amazing squad.

  • Oh, well.. That happened now

  • Colombia 2:0

  • I feel like this gonna be a one-sided game. Colombia will attack a lot while Greece will defend a lot. But it's all because it's their very own playing styles. Greece defends well so it doesn't mean that they'll suffer a lot of goals or even lose.

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  • 3-1 for Colambia and more

  • And I think that a Greece are tha main underdog on this compaign

  • @Roorck They're not the underdogs. Try Belgium, Chile, Bosnia. Greece play awful & boring football. Look at their qualifications campaign. Pitiful results. They are here to drown the hell out of this game.

  • @SargentBoston Although on my right prediction on this game, nonetheless, I was woundering that Greece hade a not bad possesion with some very strong momemt for a goal. They realy could to score on this game and the full results could another

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  • I guess that Columbia is obviously a favorite on this match. Even without Falcao.

  • Great.. so we can look forward to Greece, aka the most boring NT soccer team in the world park the bus and hope for that one 'random' goal at the end of game. I am so sick and seeing these guys get ahead playing the way they do so I sincerely hope Colombia wins!

  • 1-1

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  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Not buying this will be a 1-1 game. Colombia get an early goal and then possess the Greeks until they capitulate for a second. Also don't see a 3-4-3 for Colombia without Guarin. Young team. Peckerman will set them up more or less like he did throughout qualifying.

  • I hope bacca will start

  • Greece play very negative football and most likely will play for the draw.

  • Why the hell would Gutierrez start for Colombia, after Jackson Martinez has had a very good two seasons for Porto? He's been top scorer in the league two years running

  • @SuperDragao He won't start because he doesn't move well off the ball and because he is the least versatile of the players available to replace Falcao. Gutierrez was Falcao's partner throughout qualifying. So he is likely to play regardless of formation. And if they play with two strikers - and I think they will - look for Bacca to start. Martinez didn't feature much at all during qualifying and in the lead up to the WC even when Falcao was hurt.

  • hey guys, watch cuadrado carefully on this match

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  • Difficult game for The Coffee Growers here - I expect 1-0 win for Colombia. The goal beast Falcao definitely will miss here but i think that if Carlos Bacca receives his chance he can use it. Greece are very solid in the defensive line but i expect the factor "South America" to be key here.

  • Greece has a good team.. But their goalkeeper is very bad..

  • **Note: I mean to include .. "OR" Katsouranis as a "6" playing in front of the CBs with Maniatis-Kone as the CMs

  • Based upon practices and recent friendlies, Greece will likely play a 433 with Maniatis-Tziolis as the "8"s and Katsouranis as the CM/playmaker, Katsouranis as a "6" and Maniatis-Kone as CM's with Kone having ability to move into an AMF role ... I think the 1-1 score line is going to be pretty accurate.

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