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Match Commentary

Comments (32)

  • Referee Error lead to goal..

  • emenike the beast


  • @zuzu Shut up. Do you even watch football? You give Dzecko unfair hate. I'm not even a City fan.

  • @zuzu I think zuzu has a crush on Edin Džeko.

  • @zuzu he was good until cancelled goal

  • Great game. Nigeria surprised me with how well they play. A young team that could be really good in the future. At least in Africa, the best of these, and certainly also to the next World Cup Match for playing well. The great thing about Nigeria. Nigeria's game is entertaining and nothing in your head protection only.

  • Besic is a good player but way too aggressive, another day and another referee he would have been sent off.For Nigeria, Babatunde was very impressive, a very promising player. The match could have gone either way. As for Bosnia, great style of play. Good luck!

  • The team that has two linemen on their side (albeit unintentionally), usually will win. Both teams were enjoyable to watch, but I am sure if the goal of Bosnia if counted, and the foul prior to the Nigeria goal was counted, then the outcome would have been different. Hohum......that is soccer.

  • @daldoori Football, not soccer, you idiot.

  • Good game Bosnia but then again experience does win games.....

  • Bosnia were robbed.

  • wow, Emenike was unplayable. Congrats Nigeria!!

  • bosnia is much better, why go home

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Bosnia to home ! Doviđenja !

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • This ref isn't calling anything. No diving allowed.

  • @professionalanalyst ref is also part of the game. Bosnia goal may not be offside, Nigeria got advantage even player committed foul. It seems, Brazil worldcup wants to focus on new team to emerge.

  • @flyindream whose the new team to emerge between nigeria and bosnia

  • @brooklyn I meant other than bosnia and nigeria . teams never has been advanced to round 16...

  • That Džeko 'offside' was an incredibly bad decision! I hope justice prevails and Bosnia get the first goal.

  • @ronaldinyo Wooops. Shouldn't have said that!

  • idemo bosna 1-2 hajrović and đeko

  • 0-2 for Bosnia and herzegovina dzeko brace.

  • Nigeria 3-1 Bosnia-Herzegovina....................

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • iran 3-1 Bosnia-Herzegovina

  • @nefrin Well that game isn't til next week and Iran doesn't score goals so...

  • درود بر ایران و ایرانی _________________ iran win 3-1

  • @nefrin LOL

  • @nefrin yeah.. you're drunk

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