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Comments (63)

  • against bosnia messi's rating was 9.2, against nigeria it's just 9.4. these 'algorithms' are very interesting.

  • @thedanielgrant Simple algorithms. Messi can not be below 8 even if he walks the whole game and does some useless dribbles.

  • @Sinaj You guys for real?

  • messi show

  • Even Enyeama gest higher rating than Ochoa versus Brazil :D

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  • @painn u go to hell.u have to learn how to respect onthers

  • @painn how is the pain?

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  • @painn 4 goals. How many does your boyfriend has?

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  • @painn how is THIS not a comment that gets deleted, but the one below me is?

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  • Argentina without Messi is not even a mediocre team, totally dull ...

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  • Garay got the assist on rojo's goal didnt he?

  • @rhysdesmond47 Not Lavezzi Not Garray. No one got it..

  • Waiting for messi haters/cristiano fanboys to start whining againn...

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  • http://www.whoscored.com/Explanations Just read this u people might get clearer.But i dont think so


  • Messi Unbelievable.I hope he win golden boot

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  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @sun. Who cares about the golden boot ? The titel counts ...

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  • Di Maria hit the goal from where the goalkeeper pushed it to post, therefore shot on goal. And meh, people crying about same stupid things over and over again, such as the effect of dribbles on rating...

  • Minute 5th, both Musa and Messi has scored and yet Messi has 7.4 and Musa 6.8. Messi with one dribble. One dribble makes that much of a difference, what a joke.

  • @El_Duderino don't look at the whoscored statistics, they're always wrong. instead, just watch the game! anyone who watched the game would know that (even without his goals) with passes/key passes/dribbles, messi has had a much larger impact upon the game than musa.

  • @prashant.pokhriyal.58 sahi vanyau solti (well said friend)!!

  • @prashant.pokhriyal.58 I was talking about the state of their rates after five minutes. Not after 15 minutes, not after first half or the whole game. After 5 minutes. Messi had 7.4, having scored one goal and Musa had 6.8 after having scored one goal. What is this if not being biased?

  • @El_Duderino he has 2 key passes compared to 0 for musa

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  • I 5th minute he didn't.

  • Perez should replace gago.Gago is in poor form

  • @sun Agreed. Gago has been giving the ball away so much in the tournament so far.

  • Di Maria hit the post whoscored


  • Holy cow, already?!

  • Ouf that pass from Mascherano on the goal

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  • 0-0

  • I think aguero may play,strikers need that first goal for confidence and if he can get one here he will be a much bigger threat in the knockout rounds

  • I think rojo will not play this because he has a yellow card and perez will replace gago

  • im hoping for nigeria win 1-0

  • Nigeria to win 4-1 like in 2011

  • Messi will score the winner and give me an orgasm at the same time

  • @BigDong Same prediction here.

  • Argentina doesn't really need to win and may save some players but African teams are weak on defence, so my preview goes to Nigeria 1-3 Argentina

  • the final score will be 4-0 for nigeria, messi will miss a penalty and score an own goal, yet messi will be the man of the match with whoscored rating of 9.1.

  • @thedanielgrant lol so true,whoscored sucks

  • @sammydray Wow, so true, this site I have an account on and comment on sucks, amirite guise?! hehehehe

  • @thedanielgrant yeah

  • No country is more spectacular than the other in the Brazil 2014.they all came with the aim to win and lifted the trophy,so may the best country win..........

  • I hope referee help Argentina to win this game too . Win Argentina WIIN.

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