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Match Commentary

Comments (33)

  • Iran's masoud shojaei hit the bar in the first half soon after zheko goal...this is not mentioned here?

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  • I hope Iran don't make it to the next World Cup, they're a disgrace.

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  • Besic is the best

  • lol Iran scores. The world must really be coming to an end.

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  • 6-1 for iran lol

  • booooring!

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  • iran win 2-1

  • iran to score two goals in 1 game,you lot are funny,if they attack too much they will get nosebleeds

  • @bungalow26 LMAO Hilarious.

  • Failure of the old Yugoslav republics To come together again if they want to win something someday

  • @zell27 imagine this team: Begovic/Handanovic Ivanovic/Srna Subotic Nstasic/Lovern Kolarov Matic Rakitic Modric Pjanic Dzeko Mandzukic 4-4-2

  • Hopefully Bosnia wins this game. Iran does not deserve to go through, although Nigeria doesn't either but Iran don't even try to score.

  • @TheFactsProvider Iran doesn't even try to score? Iran had just as many shots on target as Argentina did! Minus the last minute Messi one.

  • @MeladT Iran play 80% of the match in their own half with all 11 players behind the play. The other 20% they are talking corners, throw-ins and freekicks in the opposition half. The only way they offer any sort of threat going forward is through set pieces, that's it.

  • @TheFactsProvider The runs forward from counters could have put Argentina to bed if the finishing was better, you obviously have an underlying hate for the Iranian football team because you're talking when you obviously didn't watch the game.....considering they should have had a blatant penalty shows how unlucky they actually were to lose.

  • @MeladT I have watched every game at this years World Cup in there entirety, other than Russia vs South Korea and Japan vs Greece because I had no interest or motivation to watch either game so don't tell me I didn't watch the game. All this penalty talk is nonsense. Zabaleta got a slight nick off the ball after the touch from Dejagah and you could clearly see the deviation of the ball in the slow motion replay. You hear everyone saying it should've been a penalty so you just go with what everyone else thinks.

  • @TheFactsProvider - I'm sure you're right, I mean your name is 'TheFactsProvider'.....surely you can't be a 14 year old dumbass because you've named yourself that.

  • 1-0 iran ;)

  • I see draw

  • If you told me before the World Cup started that when this game is being played, Bosnia would have been eliminated and that an Iran win could send them to the playoffs, I would have laughed at you

  • @dastyyy oh yea?if you told me italy spain and england wont pass the group stage i would laughed at you too!:P

  • Iran Wins 2-0

  • Iran can win this 0-1

  • We will win this football match!This is the most important and our last chance to qualify for the group. 2-0 for Iran...Viva Iran...

  • 2-0 for Iran

  • Iran score!?!?! Ye right. not going to happen.

  • 1-0 for Iran

  • Iran should go through with a narrow win! my prediction is 1-0 for Iran, Argentina must score more than 1 against Nigeria, Come on LEO make up that heart-breaking goal with a hattrick!

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