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Match Commentary

Comments (49)

  • Did you know Lee Kun ho's salary is less than $1k? RIght now he's in military soccer team in Korea, he's salary is like 100 dollars/month. This player scored against Russia.

  • Russia is by far the worst team I have seem in this competition. They lack everything thing you can possibly think of, in term of football.

  • @DelJuve So, judjing your comment, you've already watched about zero matches. Even South Korea wasn't better than Russia.

  • @DelJuve indeed yes, even Russian coach recieves most highest salary compare to most other team head coaches but the result is draw. the money is meaningless,

  • @flyindream Capello deserves the salary. He is a great coach. The team will improve.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Teams like South Korea should not be in the World Cup. Same goes for Iran. To think that these poor teams are in the WC but way better teams like Sweden, Paraguay and Ukraine for example aren't. Disgusting.

  • @TheFactsProvider racist statement.People like you make the world disgust and ugly to live in

  • @TheFactsProvider South Korea advanced to knockout stage in 2010, and tied with Russia in an evenly balanced match. Their performance justifies their qualification, while you're a whining clown.

  • @TheFactsProvider Hey, I believe you like to troll,by giving facts?

  • @TheFactsProvider You're an idiot. If they belonged, they would have qualified. I can't speak for Ukraine, but you're thinking of the Paraguay that qualified from '98 - '10. They are far removed from that era. The CONMEBOL qualifiers are the toughest in the world, add to that the fact that Brazil didn't have to qualify this cycle and there was an extra spot. Paraguay and Bolivia were absolute garbage followed closely by Peru. Sweden finished 2nd in their group (just like Portugal, France, Croatia & Greece) and couldn't finish off Portugal in the 2nd round, that's on them. Don't hate on South Korea & Iran just because you don't know any of the players.

  • @jnsbstn Yes you are right I am an idiot. And yes, big teams like Iran deserve to be in the World Cup. They had to play huge matches against world class teams like Lebanon, Singapore, Qatar, etc. And lets not forget South Korea who had to beat the mighty Kuwait. Just look at South Korea, they beat Italy and Spain fair and square to go to the World Cup semis in 2002. Incredible! They are certainly World Cup quality and deserve their spot in the WC. Just look at Iran's BRILLIANT performance against Nigeria, beautiful football. I hear their captain is wanted by 12 teams in the Premier League. I mean gosh look how great Ashkan Dejagah did for Fulham last season helping to lead them to 19th in the league. Amazing!

  • @TheFactsProvider Then we should kick your county's team out of Wrestling, & Volleyball and keep good teams to play each other, USA sucks in both games and once in a while they get lucky and win some, so don't preach about weaker teams if you are not a fair asshole.

  • @TheFactsProvider It's called the WORLD CUP. Iran & South Korea made it out of the Asian Qualifiers you xenophobic piece of elephant shit, therefore they deserve to be in the World Cup. They PLAYED their way in, unlike the teams you mentioned in the prior comments. If you're so indignant about watching teams from continents you are clearly prejudiced against, only watch the Euros or the Copa America. You'd probably have something to say about those tournaments too, though. "WAAHHHHHH Bolivia shouldn't be in this tournament, WAHHHHHHHHHHH Luxembourg are too weak to be allowed to live, we should cleanse them all" For you, every tournament should start at the Semi-Final stage, with Brazil, Spain, Germany & Argentina playing each other. Because fuck every other country, that's why. Only then will football be "pure" enough for you to watch without bitching right? Fascist idiot.

  • @jnsbstn Yes! Your are right again! I am fascist and xenophobic. I'm so sorry, you are right, Iran and South Korea played their way to the World Cup. Hell, any team who can actually beat Kuwait and Lebanon should just go directly to the knockout phase simply because they are that good! South Korea also played their way to a WC semi in 2002 fair and square, pure hard work and determination! I believe Dejagah was Fulham's player of the year. What a prestigious award. Did you see his goal against Everton? The guy is clearly on another level! Just goes to show the UNBELIEVABLY GIFTED TALENT Iran are able to produce.

  • @TheFactsProvider Remember, North Korea (An asian team, eliminated Italy in 1966 and scored 3 goals in first half, Iran beat USA in 1998) and your european team, portugal received 4 goals, played worst than Iran and so was Spain, the previous World Champion. So, don't be prejudice please. Why don't you guys have your own world cups with your own selected teams then.? FIFA, unlike you, thinks that including teams that are weaker can enhance their football techniques. How do you like if we kick all the weak teams in world wrestling, just because they are not as strong as Russia and Iran?

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • AK-74

  • that russian goal should be hand foul but ref. gave advantage

  • Russia's GK can't catch anything

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @myeoh92 haha now we know you are Russian

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Asian Teams <3333

  • Cheering for a good game of Heung-Min Son.

  • @duduprec next shooter could be park ju young and combi with son

  • Russia's best player is the guy whose last name ends with v

  • @professionalanalyst All of the russian names end with v, that's no new news dude

  • @professionalanalyst haahhaah, NOT.

  • this will be a hell of a boring match. I predict it to be even worse than NIgeria x Iran.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @myeoh92 don't I? So far, the poorest I have witnessed in this competition.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @myeoh92 and Spain vs Ned and Por vs Ger not?

  • @myeoh92 I agree, now. At least there were goals in this one.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @myeoh92 sure, because there stats are totally biased, and useful.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • птн пнх

  • I would bet on Russia, but I really do hope that South Korea wins this one.

  • I agree with 2-0 preview, let's see what happens

  • Russia is on worldcup after 12 years for the first time, in the meanwhile, Korea has been into worldcup like straight 10 worldcups. For experience, I would bet on Korea's team.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @myeoh92 Russia is missing 2 other strikers so it might be good chance for Kor team.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • The main key players for Korea to watch is Son(who plays in Leverkusen German league), Ki(formly played in Swansea but moved to sunderland), and Ju-Young Park(played in AS monaco France, then moved to Arsenal.)Also, Kim Bo-Kyung (played in Cardiff). Rest of players are in Japan league. You can say most Korean players are from Primier League. In 2010, there was Spain-Korea friendly match Korea draw the match. I think Korean team will emerge in this Brazil.

  • @flyindream yea this should be a draw

  • I would expect this game to be draw

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