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  • I am actually amazed some of you retards think it was a penalty. A foul is given where the contact is made. Where he fell is irrelevant. Read up on the rules dumb fucks.

  • sourapav, learn the rules imbecile. contact was outside the box. it should have been a free kick.

  • 2:0 vs 10 ppls wohooo.. boring...

  • Why on earth did Messi get MotM for this match? Apart from scoring and winning the penalty (which was very good play, I admit), but for the rest of the match he was really quiet. Kompany and co bossed him for most of the match, and he didn't trouble Hart (apart from the pen) all game. WhoScored are soooo biased when it comes to rating Messi. His performance was not that good.

  • I have never seen such a disciplined defensive display from City. I'm so used to seeing them attack with no mercy. They kept their shape, stayed compact and counter attacked when necessary. The scoreline doesn't tell the whole story and it certainly would've have been different if Kompany hadn't switched off to leave Demichelis alone with Messi(Ask any defender, tracking Messi is a difficult task). Nevertheless credit to Barca, once a beast always a beast. It's hard to see City coming back from this. Keep your chin up lads, you'll get them next time.

  • We should sign messi from barca to win some trophies. Give us messi we will give you CR7+JESSE+MODRIC+100m. Agree?? Hala Madrid

  • As a die hard honest madrista I must say barca will win treble this year. Because they have treble specialist messi,xavi,iniesta. Sad to say but we have my idol CR7 he is coke zero master. Hala Madrid

  • kompany made some crucial clearances and good interceptions for city. Deserved more than a 6.8 surely?

  • Good prediction whoscored

  • Only chelsea know who to knockout barca! Tight compact with hits on the break!

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