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  • Isco was not a false nine, as I said, it more seemed like 4-2-2-2 to me, with Ronaldo and Jese being the strikers. He was behind Ronaldo and Jese, don't know why they have such lineup here.

  • Isco, false nine? Ancelotti, what are you drinking? You would rather play a false nine than start Morata?

  • FR7 go to bed. Study football , grasp basics then debate plausible stuff , dont spew drivel like a toddler

  • RMA suck as always but still win

  • Way the real madrid defense has invigorated itself is admirable . Kudos to iker & pepe for great performance Hasta el final ◆ Vamos Real

  • Trolling was funny some years ago, just sayin'. Besides you fail anyway, saying this when 65+ min gone from game. I understand trying to frustrate children might be fun but .. it's just pathetic.

  • So, Xabi substituted and no goal. :P

  • Alonso hasn't scored yet by the way. And for sure this ain't 4-2-3-1 that Real is playing. Either 4-2-2(Isco, di Maria)- 2 (Ronaldo, Jese) or 4-3(di Maria, Xabi, Illarra) - 3 (Ronaldo, Isco, Jese). Di Maria for sure playing in left midfield. I would rather consider it 4-2-2-2. Isco for sure is behind Ronaldo / Jese, not in front.

  • You always 'predict' the goal after it was scored and your not even a funny troll. YOU are the moron.

  • Di Maria must do better.

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