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  • in all fairness i never expected this transition to be that bad. is moyes just bad omen or what.

  • what a game, the most intense iv seen in ages!!!!!!!!!

  • Please, someone tell me that this is not true... You are supposed to strike penalties, right?

  • Moyes is a mess O' yes!

  • I watched the match from start to finish wondering "who the hell are these?" how did Man Utd get from champions to chopped onions?

  • I'm trying to think of the last time I've seen penalties this bad.

  • why sack moyes? Sack the incompetant chickens who fail to carry out his plans

  • What a match, Sunderland deserved to be in Wembley. United players should learn how to kick a penalty

  • ManU's owners need to sack Moyes now. They can still get champions league football but they need to sack him asap before more damage is done. Things just getting worse and worse.

  • Honestly you can feel for moyes as a footy fan , the apes he condones are pristinely scorn

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