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Match Commentary

Comments (40)

  • Delighted to see illara progress & another cleansheet □

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • arbeloa as i've never seen him before.

  • Espanyol's goalie "saved" it, and then it hit the post, that's why I guess, don't know if it should be like that too.

  • Modric is our player of the season, hands down.

  • benziboy

  • Modric is a joy to watch. His passing range is unreal. Lovely player!

  • Ronaldo hit the post once. Why isn't this in the stats?

  • Benzema proving yet again why Madrid dont need another striker-

  • Di Maria has done nothing in this new CM role today, bring on Isco he has experience there with the Spain U21 and Malaga

  • Nobody cared when you predicted , nobody cares when you dont & none cared when you trolled , they just wanted to troll you back ! What everyone cares about it either you be sane or leave the site at once ! If Real wins this by 3 goals , you should leave whoscored or alter yourself into serious footy fan not a feggot black people hating mushie

  • serie a tough ? lmao

  • yeah marcelo should play this tough fixture

  • Playing arbeloa as lb can be a disastrous , there are 4 days to liga matchday so marcelo could have been wise choice & putting arbeloa at rb if you really want to grant him some playing time. Isco as false9 should be hit imo..illara needs to up his game ! We will do well imo if we keep garcia quiet for 1st half. Casillas return should fortify our mettel

  • Should be a difficult game Casillas Arbeloa, Nacho, Ramos, Marcelo Modric, Alonso, Isco Bale, Morata, Ronaldo

  • ok first of all how can i report this xoxoxo for advertising b.llsh.T ?! espanyol are thoughhhhh team , i would never go on an easy win for real with these low odds , but wait for the lineups and wait for live betting , this match is unpredictable since its the first leg and even real might lose !!! and bring espanyol to madrid to beat them

  • sergio garcia is back , he is a real threat

  • Open google , type patrikovic & you may find plethora of fag sites to calm your jason. Given your notoriety among twinks many sites have been dedicated to you. Cheer up atleast you are famous now Also this is a footy site fyi , so dont mix up things like you have dyslexia or neurosis enabling the failute to spot difference.And after your failed prediction in barca-levante game you shouldnt be commenting on ws but we can understand you are not man enough to keep your word. Anyways Gws tc . We whosocr3d members are compassionate towards your condition.

  • why 2 predictions?

  • yeah morata n jese shld start.

  • he is sick & texting from mental asylum n probably doesnt knw any fag site. @arif

  • 2 different predictions?! 1-1 and 0-1

  • there is a faget in comments :D am i right, mr. commandozap?

  • If that line up plays, Real won't draw.

  • then go to a gay club , this is football site dummy And to tell you , you lost your bet in barca - levante game by predicting it 4-0 but it turned out to be 1-1 , so stand by your words & stop predicting if you have balls , if there is a fanny down there keep the chicken clucking on

  • Isco Jese & Morata should start to sharpen their gameplay for testing times.

  • 0-3 for real Madrid mark my words

  • el prat is tough.

  • 0-2

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