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Barcelona Shots

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Match Commentary

Comments (29)

  • Messi 4 > 2 Gaynaldo b.dor. Messi 3cl > 0 CL gaynaldo Messi > Gaynaldo. Just saying..

  • @jekaman - get educated first illiterate bimbo lol @Penaldo - Dwarf is chasing Cr7 , he wont ever catch him now..keep those limited stats in your rotten brain

  • Lots of gaynaldo dicksucker here. Fcuk off bithes and drink some Coke zero. HaHa Madreff

  • Penaldo fans talking about Barca's win?! Barca scored 3 REAL goal.Madrid won with 2 undeserved penalties and 2 own goals.Very impressive indeed. 2014: Ronaldo- 7 goals,3 assists in 995 minutes Messi- 8 goals,7 assists in 815 minutes. And dont forget Messi has 2 games in his hand(due to the ban of dirty Penaldo)

  • Corrupted FC drew oh well against a weak opposition ,,,hmm

  • Despite playing all these years , you still are our bitches ! 9 CL & 32 Ligas . go to sleep proxy account fagfather xD


  • @commandozap:- well,to know it correctly you must be one of those guys work relentlessly with Cristina and not getting paid!Don't you?

  • Real Madrid fans must be sh*tting themselves of the prospect of facing Barca in the finals. Your club has won only 4 major honours in the last 9 years despite spending close to $2Billion. LOL

  • Imagine thinking Cristina is better than Messi. HAHAHAHAH!

  • Cmon La Real we are with you , just play honestly & from your heart , you can topple any team not just barcelona , good luck

  • You dint have to create another account to reiterate same sh*t Badfather xD I understand you were getting cornered lately

  • Typical Real Madrid fans bringing up the referees. Then again, they think that Cristina is a better player than Messi. That pretty much sums up their football knowledge =))

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • sociedad win dnb

  • Princess of Persia is all riled up it seems , its understandable when you work all night long without being paid for the night charges !

  • What all these madshits doing here?Cristina is desperately waiting for you guys for G*Y S*X!!! Go give him a hand-job!

  • 2-3 barca win

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Bruna Marquezine , Neymar's Gf has ended her relationship with one the most corrupt person in the world ! Welldone Bruna , you deserve better than Brazilian Bieber

  • Messinho - Truth hurts steroid and artificial durgs induced dwarf's fan. aint it prat? Dont drop in when two big people are arguing , you learnt nothing in your childhood airhead

  • @villa1991 - tell me how you equalised the second goal? be honest , i will appreciate the candour

  • Sociedad are deeply hurt by refereeing decisions & inigo sent off & sure penalty not given. Their club has prepared a fight-back video to fight evil barcelona - youtube.com/watch?v=aSk9-1aw4aE

  • commandozap,haha,you are a little clown.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Barca lost to Valencia at home a couple of games ago, is that fixed?

  • Why is sociedad even playing this game? 11 Vs 14 is clearly unfair Sociedad should boycott this , they have no chance against an team devoured by optimum corruption

  • i thing it will end by 4-0 for barca

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