Atletico Madrid

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Real Madrid

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Comments (54)

  • Atletico's machine needs a rest.

  • I don't support Barca.

  • @villa - butthurt cule , dont cheat your way Vs Sociedad tonight , we know you will

  • Now, villa1991 i'm also rooting for barcelona, but those two were clearly penaltyes

  • @villa1991, you're talking about barcelona, right?

  • Penaldo

  • It's easy to win when the ref is on your side.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @Villa1991 I think you are watching a replay of Barcelona games, and thinking it is Real Vs Atletico. UEFALona fan.

  • 2 penalties? the ref plays for Madrid...

  • BORING game. Atletico playing with everyone behind the ball, not going for any goals.

  • i think it could've been a better game if it wasn't for the penalties .. but i don't complain :))

  • Early penalty. Game over.

  • Isco in the false 9 role doesn't seem like the best idea, but we'll see...

  • Starting lineup as comfirmed: Casillas Carvajal Varane Ramos Arbeloa Illara Alonso Modric Bale Isco Ronaldo Isco false 9, strong midfield, Pepe on bench and neither of Marcelo/Coentrao who got injured last match in the starting XI.

  • Šta je Tomo,nema CR7,ali je tu LM19 ili next LM10

  • PLEASEEE-Stream HD with eng. commentar or spain..noth opopopopo

  • Predict- 0:0-1:1

  • Anybody know a good stream for Real Madrid match

  • Let's go REAL MADRID! <33

  • Dont tell me you are not a Villa fan now !

  • No I don't support Atletico either, I'm not Spanish lol :)

  • League suspensions don't apply to cup games in Spain?

  • So you are a an atletico fan . The money real madrid has made is by making reputation over the course of years , smart marketing & hardworking efforts to restore the almost bankrupt accounts under Calderon. We take loan on assurance to pay it back so banks grants us support , why will any bank support you when your debt is massive & there is no foreseable returns? People ring about madrid's 400 million debt but they dont know real madrid make more than it annually. Debt is not an issue when you can handle it. Even atletico would have been debt free if they would have worked hard in the past

  • 1-3

  • Real Madrid is funded by the Spain Government...

  • I don't support Barca.

  • Take last 3 matches for instance to skim your recent memory:- Deliberate non-existent handball against costa in valencia game which helped barca level the game Red card to inigo martinez just for arguing? shame ! And when MAscherano was supposed to be sent off , he was given a life and no sure penalty was given vs sociedad 3rd vs Sevilla , a clean offside even a kid can spot was not given leading to barca equaliser. Clean song sent off when he was deliberately caught with handball wasnt given? whole match there was protection going on for barca players but on the other side sevilla players were booked. Seriously you cant see more corrupt ,dishonest , hypocritical club like barca ! Utterly shameful. I mean how you fans even continue supporting that monument of disgrace is audacious & gives an overview of your character

  • Real Madrid will 'probably' cheat says a cule Dear Cule , Barca cheats every game , they are stigma to world football with all their diving , acrobatic , time wasting , referee influencing tactics. Other than this they are exposed of corruption , embezzlement & dishonesty which led to their president resignation. Do you see empty stands in camp nou? Thats the reaction of your fans who loathe your own club now ! Thats where corruption & dishonesty towards your own people lead you.

  • Villa boy , look at the stigma barca faces of courruption embezzlement & dishonesty , you guys should be banned from world football to do the least. Pathetic Barcelona & its hypocritic fans

  • Real Madrid will probably cheat to win this game. Madrid are funded by the Spanish Government, is this fair? no.

  • Diego Costa is suspended,I've just checked on !

  • Costa is suspended whoscored , Adrian will start.

  • When Ancellotti was with Milan he gave up leads of 3-0 4-0 in champions league in return leg Vs Celta & Deportiva , i can just hope he doesnt take atleti lightly

  • Isn't Costa suspended?

  • Its difficult to say where isco will start but as one of the CM will be missing as they are one card away from suspension that makes isco more viable choice as he drops back & earns some balls as well simultaneously keeping the creative gear running. Or play him in front 3 line , as a false 9 he isnt effective but as LM/LF he will be . Or start him as false 9 & make him switch places with ronaldo continuously. Illara-Xabi-Di Maria as midfield. BAle-Isco-Cr7 upfront carva-varane-ramos-marcelo as defense. Casillas as guardian at back. Pepe will be easily provocated so cant start him where he is sure to be provocated. Preserve Modric , play Xabi , we dont have modric-esque player bt we have one similar to xabi. Tough game , hope we avoid injuries My prediction 0-2

  • @commandozap Simeone will rather deploy a more stable tactic then rather go all out from the start. If the game doesnt go his way he might make some changes but i dont expect them to go "all out" before 65-70. The players will have extra motivation from the crowd cheering but they are human after all and they cant just keep running all over the pitch for 90 mins. The way i see it if Real Madrid scores, Atletico players will be mentally shattered so they will be cautious not to concede any before trying to score. An early goal might give them some momentum but it is to be seen. After all, it is a derby!

  • Yeah got it , i think simeone will ask his team to win back balls & strike a attack than go all out attack , he knows that scoring 3 against madrid without conceding is next to impossible & the goals we conceded against bilbao & villareal were exceptional strikes , no tap in or direct chances from open play , the end-strike were class , take mario , ibai or giovanni freekick. Varane can be a liablity as he is back from injury but my intuition tells me ramos will guide him well. It will be noisy as hell , cant wait ! Hala Madrid

  • Part 5 -Ancelotti needs to be carefull with who he deploys on the midfield as it will be the most vital part of the game, the battle in the middle. For that i would expect Alonso to be partnered by Illara and either Modric or Di Maria. If Isco is to start he will more likely be deployed as a false nine rather then take a spot in the midfield. Prediction for a derby is hard and the game can always take an unexpected turn with a goal or a red card. Logic says a slight advantage for Real Madrid due to Atletico's absenses: Atletico 0-3 vs Real Madrid 0-4 on a wild guess 0-3 :P

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @Turan - Simeone said game isnt over yet , do you think they would go all in attack than their normal gameplan? if they do real will hammer them once again.

  • Part 4 -Even though Atletico will press high and try to steal the ball and create chances, it is an unusual situation for them to risk. They usually defend deep and try not to concede any before trying to score. In todays game that wont be the case and it might be tough for them to both press high with more men and at the same time to try keep Ronaldo and Bale/Jese if the defence line goes high. -Since though we know Simeone logic dictates that he wont go all out from the start but rather take a more stable approach to the game which suits Real Madrid, especially since they started playing 4-3-3 with the 3 in midfield always helping the defence. -Posession should be tilting abit towards the whites and Atletico players might be abit more aggressive then usual and it will be up to the ref to keep the game under control. -There should be chances on both sides but i would expect Real Madrid to create more especially if Ronaldo and Jese/Bale are given space.

  • Very well analysed Turan , loved it.

  • Part 3 Starting XI will be something like this: Casillas Carvajal/Arbeloa Varane Pepe/Ramos Marcelo/Coentrao/Arbeloa Illara Alonso Isco/Modric Bale/Jese Benzema/Morata Ronaldo -I cant really tell for sure the exact starting XI because i dont really know what the condition of the players is but a few changes are expected compared to the starting XI that faced Villareal. About the game: -Atletico has to attack and put pressure on Real Madrid from the start to try get an early goal but they are without Courtois,Costa,Villa,Felipe Luis and Tiago which means they dont have their best players available but that wont stop them from trying. -Juanfran,Miranda,Godin,Gabi,Turan,Garcia and Diego have all played some back to back games and it is to be seen how their condition will be since in order to score 3 or more goals against Real Madrid alot of running and pressing will be needed. -Lately it has shown that Atletico lack creativity and that is why they bought Diego

  • Part 2 -Real Madrid have played 11 games so far in 2014 and has managed 10 wins and a hard earned draw in Bilbao. There has been a game every 3 days and to manage to go through this period and at the end of it having almost full squad fit and fresh is no easy task. This is exactly what Atletico got hit by. The little rotation that Simeone has done during the last 6 weeks has caused his squad looking tired and the injuries are slowly mounting. -Since this year Champions league games are not back to back, the coming weeks might be tough but at least there wont be a game every 3 days for 6 weeks as it has been so far in 2014. -So overall if Real madrid manages to go through to the final, this will be an almost perfect gift to Ancelotti for opting to rotate the squad to often.

  • Part 1 -Real Madrid are without Khedira and even though both Marcelo and Coentrao were subbed in the game vs Villareal it seems they have nothing serious and are back in the team training and squad to face Atletico. -Ancelotti in the press he gave yesterday declared that Casillas,Ronaldo,Varane and either Ramos or Pepe will start the game. -It is expected that at least some of the players that played vs Villareal will be rested as they have played alot of games and it is rotation that keeps the players fresh for the coming weeks. -Good news is that so far Real Madrid has gone through (my personal opinion) the hardest part of the season almost perfectly. Apart from the draw in Bilbao the team without playing all that well has managed to claim so many importants points for the league and is a step away from reaching the Copa del Rey final. Since the start of 2014 and due to the cup games being played both at home and away, there has been a congestion of successive games.

  • Atletico are without Courtois,Felipe Luis,Tiago,Villa (all injured) and Diego Costa (suspended). They will possibly play 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-1-1 and their starting XI might be something like this: Aranzubia Juanfran Miranda Godin Insua Koke Gabi Garcia Diego A.Turan Adrian Bench: Bounou,Manquillo,Alderweireld,Suarez,Rodriguez,Sosa,Mesa. To complete the 18 man list they had to call up a striker from the B team (Mesa)as both main strikers are unavailable.

  • i want Isco to play more than anyone @Excelsior - you're right Varane & Ramos will pair & i think this will be our toughest game too

  • 2-2

  • i hope flares arent thrown on each other.

  • Bellegerent, boisterous & hostile are lesser words to describe this. Atleti players & fans alike will try to provoke us and try us to get involved in potential red card incident. Without Pepe probably , everything depends on Varane , even nacho may get a nod but varane will be preferred for obv reasons. One of the CM will be missing the game so i fancy isco to squeeze in starting XI. This will be true tough mental test for our squad for upcoming UCL fixtures. Lets scrutinize how we respond.

  • Not to mention all atleti fans would be riled up after their humiliation at bernabeu amidst some nasty incidents

  • This is officially most dangerous fixture of 2013-14 as described by Spanish Newspapers . Violence , Rascist chants and severe booing expected

  • 3-1 for Real

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