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  • Hazard who? It is a joke to compare this turd to CR7. He was completely useless. Congrats to City, now they are heading to a second final this term.

  • One of the most boring games I have ever seen

  • With so much colossal amount of money spent and still plays negative football with 3 shots and NONE on target? Thats a failure of coach and his pride

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  • Hazard so Overhyped can't even carry Chelsea

  • So much for Hazard being as nearly as good as Suarez, Messi and Ronaldo, eh? lmao completely outclassed along with the rest of Chelsea.

  • 6 miss courtesy of Son wat is still playing?

  • @halamadrid12. Tottentrash? the doesn't even rhyme....

  • If Hazard gets blocked, Chelsea's game gets lost, blank. City trashing Chelsea.

  • Chelsea play unattractive football, they remind me of Tottentrash

  • Chelsea should win on paper considering their squad is pretty much at full strength but I hope they don't.

  • Extra time and pens please

  • Jovetic and Dzeko are in starting line up!

  • 1:1 ог 0:0

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  • Jose has a tremendous record against Pellegrini, it seems that in England Jose has really gotten under his skin and i see Chelsea coming home with another win here, fanciful or park bus football, i see City cant break a Jose team. 1:2 my prediction

  • Pellegrini and Mourinho don't get along too well, I'm expecting a revenge here. Otherwise, its just the FA cup.

  • Jose must not come out alive,he has got big mouth to destroy teams and managers.as a liverpool fans I support man city to win

  • DelJuve - too bad you had to give up on your previous patrikovic account , as you have to confirm your verification for comments , looks like you dont enjoy freedom now you used , rather take pleasure by talking drivel against same guys who whipped you all year long for your racial gibberish . Totally understand your frustration ;) Compassionate As for smk1696 , he is as dumb as paris hilton so i dont expect a constructive counter because all he knows is how to be retarded ones best keep :D

  • @DelJuve My bad. I should have known better

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  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @smk1696. they both are the same individual. Don't waste your time with them.

  • convenient, smk1696, how you stop keeping track right before del bosque's historic run at RM, but whatever....Jose failed in Madrid, if only by the standards he sets for himself. If he gets no trophies (very likely, given no strikes on the roster who can score), then shouldn't he be fired (again) by the very standards set by Abra (firing Carlo less than one year after winning the double, firing AVB while still in contention for UCL (which they won), firing Matteo like 6 fucking months after winning the UCL) ?

  • Trophies in the last 11 seasons: Jose Mourinho - 7 League titles, 2 CL, 1 UEFA Cup, 6 Domestic Cups. = 16 trophies Real Madrid: 4 league titles, 1 Domestic Cup, 0 CL = 5 trophies. I can understand why RM fans like commandozap and soulsnatcher are obsessed and upset :))

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  • Chelsea are first in the League, RM are 3rd. HAHAHAHAH! Mourinho > Ancelotti. Real Madrid are upset because despite spending billions they have won ONLY 4 trophies in the last 10 years. Enjoy being in Barca's shadow's you clueless RM fanboys

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  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Chelsea Tools keep wanking on Lolrinho's tiny plastic stick , the retarded one is shittiest manager in the world who got sacked twice already. He had nowhere to go other than your shitty plastic club. No wonder he is cheap c**t like you guys so i can understand the frequency you guys match. Bloody utter wankers.

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