Atletico Madrid

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R Name P S SoT KP PA% AD T Rt Key Events
R Name P Tackle Intc C EC SB OW F Rt Key Events
R Name P S SoT KP Drb WF Dis TO Off Rt Key Events
R Name P KP Pass PA% C AC LB ALB TB ATB Rt Key Events

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  • @Aosman Messi played wide right and Neymar wide left. Nice fail. It is already discussed below. Why comment if you don't read the other comments? Are you talking to yourself?

  • I'd like to see Messi play wide right like when he started. that, with Neymar wide left should stretch defenses since they generally crowd the middle. Alexis playing center with Cesc behind him.

  • villa is having a great game.But too unlucky

  • Yes, Garcia was a right midfielder in 4-4-2 and several of Barcelona's players are in the wrong positions. It's weird for a site based on stats, that even has it's own player positions map, to be making basic errors with formation and player positions.

  • Neymar overrated as usual

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  • Absolutely deserved! Congratulations from a Barca fan! Great game for both teams, Barca potency completely missing from this game. Hope they can recover in La Liga and Copa del Rey! Congratulations and all the best to brave Simeone team!

  • Iniesta left central midfielder. Neymar Left wing, Fabregas Central, Messi Right Wing. This is clear in player positions in match report. And I believe 4-4-2 for Atletico.

  • @soul_snatcher Your completely wrong watch serie a and you will understand why he is a beast , i would reccommend europa league but juve are less powerful there , unless you are talking about money of course !

  • Villa 8 is fine

  • 35 tackles shows how efficient damage control Atleti has.

  • Atletico's defend should be way higher and villa is 8.8 rated in my book

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  • Pogba is massively overrated .

  • commandozap 6 is the default rating for any player and if he play like total shit then he's gonna get worse , real's defend yesterday play like a punch of junkies and still they get a close rating why you havent been upset about that ?

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  • Dani Alves rated above average? Me estás tomando el pelo.

  • I would pay 61 million for KOKE ! Consistently brilliant , only few can match him right now. Pogba go home .

  • how is messi's overall rating so much higher than neymar's?

  • DiM - 6 is a default for brand Missi , the good boy. Dont complain or you will be considered bad.

  • iPredict = Atleti is Serie A team -__-


  • You say webb did fine because Madrid is not Atletico ! Have you even saw godin's tackle or you want a link for that ?

  • iPredict I actually saw him in madrid not long ago if your wondering where he is If your 21 you can look for him LoooL

  • Dont cross your line pathetico fan , its because of you rivals arent praised. What a bad sport you're with a pristine username, knob!

  • Webb did fine , the fouls were too soft for a penalty and both teams made most of it , spanish refs would easily fall for that.

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  • Actually webb hasn't been fair to both of the teams You can say otherwise but think of this , you cant see the whole view from one career , should be atleast 2 pens in this game but hell why im saying this its all about imotions here

  • MISSING: Lionel Messi - last seen scoring penalties against La Liga teams

  • Atletico are a much nicer to club than Real or Barca. Atletico are more likeable, the other 2 are a disgrace.

  • 6.5 for messi? he didn't do anything.

  • No penalty , No party for Missi Welldone Atleti !

  • Barca can never win without controversey

  • Howard Webb dint fall into trap of uefalona's diving , crying and cheating....welldone baldy

  • Blitz & Bradley are spotted coming down to earth at rapid speed lol...

  • Suck it uefalona !

  • Great game by atletico so unlucky in the first 20 minutes and those goddamn crossbars ! Wish they end up playing against madrid so they have a better chance reaching the final Forza Simeone Forza Atletico

  • Respect to Atleti. Such a collective compact defending , interception and blocking i havent seen in long time..The moment barca entered Atleti final 3rd they were robbed of ball consistently , thats high level of tackling & anticipation of threat considering how swift and slaloming players barca have got and how cleanly they tackled , no one got booked at all (koke was booked for protest)! Also in attacking department they were unlucky not to score more than 1. Remarkable set of fans too ! And kudos to Howard Webb not falling into the trap of simulations , diving , pseudo-fouls and unnecessary card distribution. Impressive refereeing in CL , spanish refs would have bowed down immediately there. Excited for Semi's , welcome Atleti.

  • People immediatly hating on webb because he didnt give atletico a clear penalty ! But even more clear tackle by godin on fabregas is just not because ... Why not !!


  • la_Roma_di_Dave What are you fucking kidding me ? So that fabregas tackle was just normal one cuz you hate the team ! Thank god your not a referee

  • As a Barca fan I'm really sad but I want to praise Atletico, they were perfect! I hope they can win the champions league...Good Luck Simeone

  • Even with the support from referees... you have failed. Isn't that sad...

  • BARÇA <3

  • LOL Barca!

  • Atletico will win the Champions League and La Liga!!!

  • Webb has bottled it. Clear penalty

  • clear penalty for atletico

  • so unluckyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Yes 4-4-2 Atletico. Neymar is staying on the left wing for Barcelona. Iniesta is in the midfield 3. Fabregas is in the middle of the front 3 and Messi is on the right.

  • Webb (y)...different referee 7 penalties for barca :)

  • Lewandowski !

  • barça 3x1 hat-trick mascherano

  • it should have been 3-0 by now

  • So much Barça hate

  • Atletico is clearly 4-4-2 without the ball

  • How can one team be so lucky

  • woodwork 3 times for ATL. unlucky...if UEFAlona will pass...only referee can change the match

  • I hope Atl. will win...I hate Barca

  • Barcelona are fucking lucky.

  • Atletico !!!

  • Atletico are all over Barcelona like a rash LOL

  • Let's just hope this is a fair result. I don't want to see Barcelona winning because of the officials. Hopefully it's 4-4-2 vs 4-3-3 and not 4-4-2 vs 4-3-3-3.

  • i want a victory of atletico by 2 or more goals, someone with me?????

  • #Mandrake #Barcelona #Stats Barcelona have seen their opponent reduced to 10 men in 4 of their last eight Champions League matches #PenaltyBarcelona Overall in CL history, Barcelona have seen 27 red cards given to opponents; 9 more than any other side in the competition via @FourFourTwo

  • Football where there is no justice is not always play well to win this game, I think the tough teams on the kidney and the winner will show after 90 minutes or 120 minutes and enjoy this good game

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  • This comment has been deleted.

  • I really hope Atleti win the whole thing.

  • @blitz - uefalona will always have an edge over other teams because of ref factor , FIFA played well to deny those alegations and ban you epiphanically to make it look like they have no involvement in all those cringeworthy bias towards uefalona but football fans over the world know the truth because they have suffered because of it and it wont go down easy in years to come whether ref is by your side or not. Amen

  • @betbombs - this is 2014 & Atletico are much stronger , they maybe man down in offense but they have the same water-tight defense. Not to forget they play in front of their superb fans and lightning atmosphere

  • Atleti has 26 tackles per game , that makes them fierce under-dog to win the CL , they will overcome barca no doubt, simeone is a genius

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  • Barca to go through with a lacklustre performance by Messi, you either foul him and get red carded or simply be will score when his team really need him, he's never let Barcelona or it's fans down, he's starting tonight and it will be a Measi show, Atletico are a strong and robust side but the way Diego has set this team will get exposed tonight, physical and defence teams like Atletico normally get found out at the back, Messi won't make no mistake tonight, sorry. 0:2 final score

  • My favourite here.. hmm, hard to say. From one side, a club where almost all the players are either begging for a contact so they can dive, pretend and complain or the other which is blatantly being helped by referees while their awesome fans deny that. Well, at least one is going out :)

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  • Two opposite teams clashing in, what might be, the most contested game in the world right now! Simeone's team is an improved version of Mou's Chelsea, and Barca is the most powerful attacking force in the world! What more can you wish for?! As Barca fan, I hope we can overturn this tie and have another glorious eruopean night. If not, Atletico deserves it as much as Barca does, so no bad feelings. If Barca goes through I feel only BM would be a favourit vs Barca in semis, RM and CHE are also capable of defeating them, but I think Barca has the edge over those teams.

  • barca win 0-3 or 0-2

  • barca to win with more than 3 goles diffrence...

  • 1-1

  • 2-1 ! Courtois MOTM

  • @Hellreaper No goal before the 30th minute @ 1.83 seems quite decent to me

  • 1-2 or 1-3

  • wtf should I bet in this match??

  • Atletico to Qualify

  • 1-0

  • 2-2

  • Atletico Madrid to WIN---> 2-1

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  • If Diego Costa and Arda Turan is missing, it would be difficult for Atletico to beat Barca. In this match I dont think that home advantage will favor the host. An early goal from Barca may be responsed by Atletico and again 1-1 draw would happen. Otherwise Barca will progress.

  • Atletico can do this!!

  • Atletico Madrid 1-0 FC Barcelone Very hard match...

  • messinho needs to re-do his schooling because he makes no sense even after trying his best.

  • commandozap,SB,傻逼.haha~

  • As long as these b*tches lve me

  • I admire Atleti and many madridistas do or even for a fact any level headed wise football fan would. Its like supporting a uprising cause amongst dual dominance which is needed in la liga. In your words i'm rooting for Atleti not only as they play our eternal rivals but as a fact of extra-mile admiration and much wider array of reasons which as narrowed down by you as 'hate' in diplomatic way i suppose

  • @commandozap Would have given you a "like" if it weren't for the fact that you're not pro-Atletico fan, but anti-Barca. This type of people is annoying as heck.

  • @bradley.panton Pinto > Courtois ?? Really?

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  • This comment has been deleted.

  • 1-1, Barca win on penalties

  • 0-0 , away goal rule comes into play. Karma

  • 1-2 to Barca! InshaAllah

  • I have a feeling this will go into penalties. (I have a really bad track record with predictions :P )

  • Atletico Madrid have made the most tackles per game in the Champions League this season, with 25.89. HOLY POLY

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