Paris Saint Germain

R Name P S SoT KP PA% AD T Rt Key Events
R Name P Tackle Intc C EC SB OW F Rt Key Events
R Name P S SoT KP Drb WF Dis TO Off Rt Key Events
R Name P KP Pass PA% C AC LB ALB TB ATB Rt Key Events


R Name P S SoT KP PA% AD T Rt Key Events
R Name P Tackle Intc C EC SB OW F Rt Key Events
R Name P S SoT KP Drb WF Dis TO Off Rt Key Events
R Name P KP Pass PA% C AC LB ALB TB ATB Rt Key Events

Comments (56)

  • Hazard is massively overrated

  • So better team lost.

  • Why doesent Lavezzis free kick Count as a key pass ? That free kick led to a goal

  • Wtf I mean, this site is unreal what rating of the players go. Pastore comes in 5 minutes before the end and becomes highest rated player ? How much do you score for a dribble or two ? Jallet assist ? How did Jallet assist Pastore ? If that was an assist, why doesent Lavezzis freekick Count as either assist or a key pass ? I dont get it

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  • man of the match should be Lavezzi

  • Bad evening for David Luiz however whoscored rated him with 6.4, I don't get it. PD: Great goal by Pastore!

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  • Pastore played 5 mins and got MotM. Well played.

  • hazard is overrated

  • Rskehel probably feels dumb

  • Well done Paris.

  • Paris Saints Germaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain

  • Hazard deserve less rating IMO

  • Only way i see Chelsea going through is a 2-0 win at the Bridge. If PSG score its game over.

  • Philip_AE Ibra always doesnt perform if he play as a false 9 but i dont know why laurent blanc cant see that

  • Yep, that will make thing tough for Chelsea even at the Bridge.

  • Killer blow for Chelsea that goal at the end! Looking good for the parisian side.

  • @Halamadrid12 Hard to see them playing a 4-2-3-1. Ibra always wants to be the leading man in the movie. Both creator and finisher. Thought him and Cavani would find balance as the season progressed. Guess not. Play them both up front? (I know this might not work)

  • If it weren't for Chelsea errors, they would be up 1-0. Hardly a confidence inspiring performance from PSG.

  • Hmm......Guess the 'false 9' didnt work then

  • I think PSG should us a 4-2-3-1 Sirigu Jallet, Alex, Silva, Maxwell Matuidi, Motta Moura, Ibrahimovic, Lavezzi Cavani Ibra plays as a No.10 for Sweden don't see why he can't do it here.

  • Dont know why blanc is relaying on lavezzi instead of ibra as centre forward ?! This makes ibra playing bad because he have to be back all the time

  • Sooo not a penalty. -_-

  • The vital away goal! If we can get another we go back to the fortress with the advantage regardless if we win, lose or draw tonight. You've got to think PSG are weary of the difficulties playing at Stamford Bridge and must be desperate for a good result here. The pressure on PSG must be intense right now.

  • Oscar diving again, such a cunt

  • hahaha chelshit

  • Typical slow start from Chelsea, no worries.

  • 3-0 For PSG :D

  • Schurrle starts upfront for CFC

  • Torres scored against Galatasary , why not vs PSG?

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  • thanks for sharing martin laurence... hope ur prediction go right hohohoho....

  • Two equal teams, i would say 2-2 draw

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  • Chelsea unbeaten in the league against every side that you would consider decent (im not including everton) yet people are tipping PSG to win by 3..... lol. 1-1 draw for me tonight, maybe chelsea to just edge it 1-0. Mourinho is always the man tactically for the big occasion.

  • this is a 1-1 draw to me, I have no clue where 3-1 and 1-3 scorelines are coming from, you clearly haven't watched chelsea or psg over the season. Both teams will set up cautiously , Mourinho is an expert at this.Ever since PSG brought back in Cavani and ibrahimovic, I have not see them beat teams easily. So reasonable estimate 1-1 , if ibrahimovic wakes up today with fire in the belly then it could be a different story.

  • Away games arent the cup of tea for chelsea or moanrinho. 3-0 for PSG or more if they put in every oppurtinity they get.

  • this is a 0:0 draw, Jose Maurinho will only set up his team for a draw and will leave to do business in London

  • Most well-balanced match up in the quarter finals. Which team will be better over two legs? Could be close and hard-fought with neither team giving in! A power struggle for a seat at the top table of European football - great spectacle in prospect!

  • Chelsea don't missed, as it written on, Chelsea score 1 goal

  • 1-3

  • 3-0

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  • Really hoping for a PSG win. Any result that causes toxic Mourinho pain is a good result. Go PSG!

  • 2-0 for PSG. Chelsea struggle at away games and always conceding goals. Mourinho still has a problem to compose the rigth playing style especially at away games. Time is come for the return of the investment which PSG did for last few years.

  • Zlatan to score!! 3-1 to P$G!!

  • Doubt Lavezzi starts over Lucas

  • Ppl love attractive football , why chelsea dont play it , instead bore us ? PSG is making a mark too.. Its one of the hindsight to increase fans, Arsenal has gained lot from it..

  • PSG 4 LIFE SON!!!

  • 2-0... why that preview? PSG is focused in the Champions League since is leading their championship with an big advantage. Chelsea is in a bad away form and is fighting for the Premier League...

  • DRAW---> 1-1

  • No doutbs that PSG will win this game. Chelsea's football style it's too boring when the french side have very good playes starting with midfielders and of course, the strikers. 2-1 for PSG the final score.

  • chelsea will play in mourinho defensive mode, away matches style, but i hope ibra will be magic again and psg win.

  • 2-0

  • I think this will end in a draw. I think Mou will prioritize not conceding in Paris, so he can finish the job at stamford bridge. I think PSG have enough firepower to beat them. Very interesting fixture.

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